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Congratulations everyone!!!!

A topic by Brad Kraeling created Aug 02, 2019 Views: 144 Replies: 4
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With the results finished I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone! There were so many fantastic games made during this jam. Congratulations especially to Cyber Swap for getting #1!!! Really great accomplishment. 

But also congrats to everyone who submitted a game: I know I personally learned A LOT from participating in this jam. Even if your game was lower than you expected please don't feel discouraged--- keep doing what you love and keep put yourself out there by doing something like this and releasing other projects.


I agree, thanks for showing us all your games! That was really cool, and there is many nice entries!


Thanks for the congrats! I also congratulate you for releasing your first pc game! This jam was great and we learned lots of things I hope to see you all at gamesplusjam 3!^_^


Indeed, all hail Cyber-Swap haha, but congratulations to all participants, I've found a good number of new devs to follow and start a friendship, and that's what matters in the end. Also, the lessons learned, that matters too, it was a great experience and I ended up with a pretty good concept in which I'm working to expand right now, hope you all do the same, because most of the games I've played deserves to be fully developed, in my opinion


Totally agree! Congrats to everyone!
Keep the motivation up and do what you love, on to the next adventure!