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Thank you! Art done actually not by me, I just put everything together :))

This game is soo good and challenging :D

Thank you very much!! :)) Thank you for playing really, I was really excited when I saw this jam, it's great to participate and delve slightly in to the community. :))

But this actually very clever game! It's really has potential in my opinion.

Damn it husrt my hand constantly bashing arrow keys :D Game was really nice! But wanted to hold arrow key for continuous movement otherwise only ripped wrist can play this game :)) Very cool technical game

Well that was weird gameplay ^^ But somehow I wanted to carry on all the time :D

Man this little game made some tension for sure, I was about to get really curious what happened in that planet :D that tension you made was done properly in my opinion :) felt like missing some pistol and a few monsters that surpises you :))

That was really cool game! Atmosphere is so alien :D Particle effects when enemies die very cool and the idea with a companion! Amazing! One thing wanted some checkpoint before boss fight :DD Man this game felt done

inovox really thanks for constructive opinion :)) So nice to read some honest thoughts. On the game for sure i think also it's worth working further and on logo also :)))

Hello NeatGames and very thank you for opinon! The artist did everything by hand using watercolour and then transferred to computer by scanning, she is a professional specialist in art field and one day I saw her these planets and rockets and I just asked her "look I have this idea to make a video gameusing your art, let's make them "alive"" and I was lucky anough and she accepted :)) So now I will just keep up with building system in to the game to make it actually a game ^^

Thank you Zockchster for your reply! So great to come from work and see feedback (phew) :)) Actually yes you'r right, after a couple of days of thinking what to do with game system I just stick to expressing the atmosphere of the game, I really really wish to make it playable actually.

It's like that google chrome game with a dinosaur right :)) Very cool looking game!

Very interesting idea! Something I never played before :))

Cool game :)) Reminds rock n roll racing from sega times :))

I really want to try, but I got an error "failed to open descriptor file..." What is this?..

Um hello...really don't know how to start the game...can't find .jar file to play...

The game's atmosphere took me very fast, very impressive enemy AI and the idea with missles, in my opinion game like that has a very big potential to be a good game.

Thank you Jules!! So far nothing :) I'm thinking to collect stars for bringing them back to player's home planet witch also not done yet ^^ I was really paying attention how to make atmosphere cozy and relaxing so far. Thank you very much!