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Hi butterfly! Thanks for reaching out. So, the game is still in development and the current version here on is already updated in comparison to Kongregate version, but honestly I wasn't reaching any audience on and moved all to GameJolt, where I'm sharing development progress. There was many changes to the concept of the game,  and I'm working hard to deliver a great experience to all supporters, the final version will be posted both here and there, so it doesn't matter where do you want to donate to the project, but I prefer to centralize all the information and donations in GameJolt. I invite you to take a look on what's coming soon at my GameJolt page, and if you still feel like wanting to support, you'll be more than welcome and your support is deeply appreciated :) Link:

You'll have access to the current improved version (similar to Kongregate's, but with better graphics) and also access to the future version that's on the works, you can check a preview here:

Even if you decide to not support it, just to read your comment and seeing one of my kongregate players coming here is an amazing gift, thank you so much. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback :)

Indeed, all hail Cyber-Swap haha, but congratulations to all participants, I've found a good number of new devs to follow and start a friendship, and that's what matters in the end. Also, the lessons learned, that matters too, it was a great experience and I ended up with a pretty good concept in which I'm working to expand right now, hope you all do the same, because most of the games I've played deserves to be fully developed, in my opinion

That's great Justin, I'll read it with pleasure, writing about our development process is always good because it helps us sum up the experience :)

I agree... wish I could have rated all of them, but I don't want to rate falsely game I didn't played and unfortunately I didn't had the time to play them all :(

great retro feeling in this one, loved the graphics and UI! the gameplay is very simple (in a good way) and it could easily become a good mobile game :) good job!

Oh how I miss the feeling of playing the very first GTA haha loved the details like the rubber trail from the tires and the car lights, very fluid controls too, it's a nice work :)

Nice game! Simple and well done, I almost can't believe you're a beginner, good job! Keep learning and practicing, I'm sure you're on the right path.

nice work! really liked the graphic style, the atmosphere, reminds me of One Man's Sky (one of my favorite games). I hope you continue to expand this concept further, because it have potential :)

Me neither... I think the problem might be on my end of the rope, since it happened to another game from the jam... but it didn't happen to others I've tested, so I really don't know... tried to re-download a couple times, but to no avail. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on your page and will try again soon :)

nice, thanks, I'll make sure to follow your channel from now on :) I don't stream yet, but I'm thinking about it. For now I only have a small YouTube channel where I post some updates on my projects.

Hey Jules, unfortunately I've had some trouble trying to run your game... don't know what it can be but it looks like other people didn't had any issue... when I've tried to unpack the file it gave me a winRar error, like the file was corrupted... I was able to mount it as an image on Daemon Tools and access the files, but then trying to run from there and I got another error "failed to load mono". Never seen that before, but I think there's a file missing from the build. If you can pack it again and submit so I can test it, it would be great :)

great Jules, I see you're new on Twitter, or perhaps just doesn't use too much, but anyway it's nice to see you there, I'll keep watching to see more from Hero's Path :)

Thanks Rona! Really liked those GROWL screenshots, looking awesome :D

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Nice! Yeah, I know that it can be hard to continue development after a jam ends, sometimes they're just quick games for jam purpouses only, but if you're making it better in the future, I'm interested in playing it again :)
Good to know you streamed the creation proccess, wish I've had seen that, can you share your link so I can take a look later?

I've tried pretty much every key in my keyboard (except numbers, F1-F12 and accents)... it must be an issue with the colliding conditions, since the game bugged before and affected the ship behavior, I believe it must have also affected other things, but as you said, really weird that the other collision-dependent functions like showing the icon still worked... anyway, I'll surely play it again.

One way you can try to reproduce this problem is starting a new game, than CTRL+F4 right in the beginning in the spaceship scene, then open it again and use the same slot as before (fyi - the second time was still displaying the slot as "new game" so I think no info was saved in the first time, but maybe some rogue variable caused this)

Hi people, really loving this jam so far, many good games around here, I feel honored to fill the ranks along with so many talented devs. I'm following every project that I can here on, but to be honest I don't spend as much time on here as on other social networks, so I would like to connect with you through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I also invite everyone to add as many other devs as possible on those networks, so we can know each other better, make friends, follow projects and enjoy conversations with our peers.

I won't post my links because it's not the intention of this thread to gather followers, but to find good people for me to follow on the daily, so post your links below :)

I was quite surprised by your concept. Thought it would be a classic space shooter but it turns out it was just a mini-game, well-played! I liked the pixel art a lot, and the animations are flowing well with the style. I imagine you've have quite the work to set up those scenes.

Unfortunately something VERY weird happened when I played. The game opened, and I start shooting around, when suddenly it just closes, without warnings or errors, just a complete shut down. I open again and it seems working fine, but now the enemy ships are coming from behind me... anyway, I continue playing, until I die and go to the second layer of gameplay... like said before, I was surprised by that, a good feeling, but then I can't interact with anything, not the arcade, nor the other guy at the arcade.... I manage to pass through the door, but then can't interact with the bed nor the computer. It must be a weird one-of-a-kind bug that happened only to me, but anyway I just wanted to inform you so you can test further.

Some things I think it can be improved with minor changes are the UI in general (symbols of interactions and text) and also I missed having a music and some sound effects, it would surely add a lot to the experience.

Given the time you had to make the game, it's a very good work mate, congratulations :)

Thanks for the feedback Drew, I'm making a lot of changes both in the intro and the dialogs, and will release after the jam is over. About the shooting key, I may add Spacebar as an alternative, or even allow the player to customize, it is a good idea since it's more intuitive. Thank you for playing and for the compliment in the game story :)

Thank you James :) coming from you it means a lot, since your lessons helped me from the beginning of my life as a game developer, to this day! I'll also tell the writer about your feedback and I'm sure he'll be proud and very glad you liked!

Gorgeous! I loved the art style, the gameplay is very fluid and the levels very well constructed. To be honest I didn't explored that much of it to find bugs and/or possibly hidden easter eggs, but it seems that you have a very good technical execution. The AI is good, the characters (both PC and NPC) have a good concept and animations...I really liked the details in the scenario, like alien plants and grass moving with the wind or when we passed through them. The music is also nice, the only real critique I have is about the sound effects of the gun, for me it was too loud.. the sound itself was very nice, but after sometime being so loud, specially when we shoot a lot, bothered me a little, but it's such a small issue for a well done game... congratulations! I truly believe you'll probably come out as the best game in this jam, for what I've seen so far :) looking forward to see more from you.

Thank you! Your feedback was very neat! haha good to know about the bug, it seems that it's happening to more people than I imagined, I sure got the motivation and will make it better. And thanks for suggestion about more things on background and more enemies, the plan was to include at least one boss in the jam build, and I modeled it and prototyped it's gameplay,  but still had to do too much to be a really cool boss, so I've left out of the jam build. I do have the motivation, specially after seeing some great advices from other devs. Thanks for the help.
I did checked out 'Europa' and I was very impressed!!! I'll play it soon enough to give you my feedback, but I must say it looks like you have a jam winner in your hands :D

Loved the simplicity and the pixel graphics, it's great considering how much time you've had. There's one small issue that happened to me. Trying to play in Brave Browser, the game didn't run, so I tried Firefox, but it seems that (at least in mine PC), Spacebar is a shortcut to scroll down the page, so everytime I tried to hit the enemies, my browser would just scrolldown a lot and I couldn't see the game. This is weird because when playing other games I often use Spacebar and this doesn't happen.

Anyway, despite of that, I've love the graphic style, the background is gorgeous, this would make a fabulous concept for a mobile game, you should consider working on it some more and trying the Google Play Store and/or AppStore

Thank you very much!!! this is a great feedback, I'll check  on those issues in the next version (after the jam). You're not the first trying to die and going on the Z-axis... I'm starting to think that might actually be a feature somehow hahaha. And about the background, I was a little triggered by that myself, but I've had to put the correction behind other issues, and in the end I've had no more time. It's a simple fix, I guarantee it won't be there next time. Thanks for playing Justin :) 

Great game! I'm not good with puzzles, so I've spent half an hour trying to figure it out hahaha, the game is harder than it looks (at least for me). Pretty nice interpretation of the theme. I don't know the original game you cited, but I liked yours! The only thing missing, in my opinion is some music and some audio feedback from picking the furniture and positioning it. It's not such a big deal, as I know you may have spent a lot of time working in it's graphics and puzzle mechanics, but it would really add a lot to the experience. Congratulations on your submission, really great.

I'm amazed by how this community is different from others, really glad to have joined this jam, and to see other devs share the same spirit than me, thank you :)

thank you so much Zock, it's a very good review, now I know better where to put my next efforts, I'll improve gameplay and extend the play time, also there's a lot of mechanics that was left behind, but I'm glad that our focus on the backstory worked and you had some fun!

I understand your point of view, and don't get me wrong, I'll not judge your game on a menu screen over gameplay, on the contrary. I just felt like it could be the cherry on the top of your cake. Causing a good first impression in our players is important... there's a dev that I follow on social media and once he said something very wise that I try to carry with me in every game: "Your game is as good as it's worst part". This doesn't mean that you game is bad just because of bad UI, specially if it's being evaluated by other devs that understands how hard it is to have to make ALL the game, even if we're more focused in other things, like programming over art (or the opposite). A couple years ago, I didn't know programming at all, I was able to do some art, some modelling, UI, etc, but I couldn't program... I could use assets and code from other devs, but couldn't make my own, so I learned programming and now I'm able to code my own games from scratch. That's why I'm telling you, learning a bit of what you don't know yet can make wonders for your games in the future, if your "weakness" is art, or UI, or anything else, take some time to learn about it and improve your skills, it'll be great for you :)

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GREAT!!! Thanks for making an alternative build, I'll play it ASAP

exactly! we're in a stage of our paths as game developers that this kind of learning is so valuable, I feel great to have joined a game jam with other devs that understand this :) thank you

That's the spirit NeatGames! Thank you. And Brad, thank you too for joining this movement, your feedback on Stardome was absolutely gorgeous :)

Hooray! Thanks Brad, Mr. Roboto told me to send you this as a gift:

Oh yeah, I'll definitely include an exit button and make some changes to the scrolling text in the near future, thanks for the suggestions 

Thank you so much Brad! The writer will absolutely love your comment, as I did too. I'm amazed that you was able to do something that I couldn't: move in the Z axis hahaha. I tested this SO MUCH, you have no idea... I knew that eventually someone would try to die just to see what happens, but that was one feature I've had to cut in order to deliver in time haha. Your idea is great, an alternative ending is needed, and I'm also thinking about making some dialogues choices to change the story a little and let the player make some relevant choices. The initial plans even included an option to not battle the syndicate (kind of like the alternative short ending in Far Cry 4), but anyways, awesome feedback, thank you so much. I'll look into this bug you mentioned and all other suggestions and keep improving it. Oh, curious fact, the scrolling keeps happening because the background is a shader graph with scrolling uv, and the stars are just particles. Oh, another curiosity, usually I prefer spacebar as well, but my keyboard is f* up, specially in the spacebar, so I chose "J" to make to relate with the character's name :)

Hey, just wanted to say that I'm really liking the games so far... only played half a dozen to this moment, but I'm willing to try to play 10 per day until the end and hopefully play them all... a few of them have Mac or Linux build so unfortunately I can't play :/
But anyway, I've participated in Game Jams before (3 times to be more precise) and something that bothered me every time is that people (other developers participating in the jam, in general) did 2 kinds of reviews/ratings: the pity rating, where they simply gave maximum note to "help", and the rival rating, in which they gave minimum points just to get a better result for themselves. So my proposition is: let's not do this, please?

Remember that analyzing and rating a game is a great exercise of game design! And honest feedback, pointing out things that you think can be improved is what really helps other devs, not a high rating that the dev himself knows that is not true. And also, other thing that I experienced in those jams was devs taking feedback like it was an attack to his person, let's not do that either. Of course, a toxic comment deserve to be ignored and dismissed, but if someone points out something that might be wrong with your game, use it in your favor, improve your game, make it better. Feedback can be the most important thing you might get from a game jam, or even publishing your game.

One last thing, I know we all have lifes and jobs that keep us from enjoying much time playing, but try to make an effort to play other's games, remember that you're here seeking the same support from other developers, and it's a very important support that we all deserve.

Anyway, congratulations to all of you that were able to deliver your game, even if problems or bugs or lacking features, you should be very proud of yourself because one week it a very short time span :)

I was eager to play this one, as it seem to remind me of my childhood games... too bad the only build available is to Linux and I can't play it... but if you upload a PC Build later, let me know, I'll gladly test it :)

Just an idea.. reading your theme explanation (which I liked a lot) you could've called your game "Safe Space" hahaha

I've played PC v3, hope that's the official Jam version. I liked it a lot! The way you designed the levels and the gameplay overall.... it's kind of too hard for me, but it was well done. I suppose you used Mixamo for the characters? Nothing wrong with that, by the way, just trying to figure it out, I love Mixamo... it makes our lives much more easier. You've put a lot of effort in designing quite a number of spells, the effects are great too... the only critique that I feel necessary to make is for the UI, specially on start screen, I believe you could done a lot better, but I also know why you didn't... the lack of time really makes us have to ignore a lot of stuff to make it happen. My advice for you in the next jams: don't let the Start screen for the last minute, work it out like any other important mechanic, because the first impression someone get from your game is as important as any other part of it.

Anyway, congrats on your submission, really great. Hope to see more from you :)

I liked the concept a lot! I'm developing a space game that also is themed around "space garbage" sort of, so it really grew into me... but the gameplay can be improved a lot! It felt tiring having to click back and forth to load and unload resources, maybe if you designed it more like an idle game it would be better... like creating routes between planets and letting the ships deal with the cargo on their on. But anyway, really happy to see other developers going for that approach. My game for this jam is kind of a spinoff adventure of my main game, since I've had to make everything from the start in one week, couldn't use my old content, but I think you might like it too. Anyway, congratulations on your submission, I'll keep an eye on your profile for future updates and/or other games :)

I liked! more than the other. The audio effects are a bit too loud, but I liked a lot, specially the UI, very well done with progress and stuff. There are a couple details like sometimes I trespass the screen limit, sometimes I couldn't catch the pickups. But overall, good work! Specially considering it only took 2 hours!?! Amazing. Imagine what you could do if your worked on this for a full week!! Anyway, hope to see more from you in the future :)

It took me a while to figure out the controls, but I did eventually... quite intuitive! It's a good start, I bet that if you had more time to dedicate to this game something great could be done. A tip that I can give you is when you lack the time, don't be afraid to use free assets, they help a lot to do better concepts when we're in a hurry. Also there was some things that you could have done that don't take too much times and can add a lot to the experience, like putting music and sound effects... it can be done in less than 30 seconds. Anyway, at least you made an effort to deliver it and participate, even with life and job getting in the way, also the concept of a sports game in space is really good, I know that if you work hard from now on, you can make something out of it! Hope to see more from you in the future :)

I was curious about this one, since I've made a shooter too. Unfortunately I can't play because I don't have a Mac :/  it's ok, I know some people will have the same problem with mine being available only for windows... but anyways, congratulations on your submission :)

Hey there. I just added a new video to the profile, hope you like it :) If you're willing to download a test version, there's one available for a few more days, for free, at GameJolt: .. this is the most up-to-date version of the game, with plenty new features, but still in development. If you feel there's potential, you can help development by sharing with friends and/or making a small donation and granting access to all future releases :)