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This was made for Game Plus Jam #GPJam
Submitted by Drewmanfu — 1 hour, 1 minute before the deadline
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Theme Use#343.2503.250

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How was your jamming experience? Were you able to produce more or less than you expected?
Well besides not getting the entire game done I enjoyed my self got to stream alot as well

How did you apply the theme to your entry?
there is a a space arcade game and the rest the game is about the space between people

Anything else to add? (share your twitter, twitch, youtube etc.)

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Man I loved the idea!! the intro was  amazing starting with an arcade and then a complete different game. I was unlucky thath crashes on the third day when chatting with Shane :(, but I believe that the game has much more depth  of the one I explored. please continue to develop this game! Great entry!


thanks for the feedback I am working on the game still. I'll try to have another version out for people to see some time next week  aiming for the 7th of august. Wonder why it crashed well you were chatting with Shane I will have to look into that one.


I was quite surprised by your concept. Thought it would be a classic space shooter but it turns out it was just a mini-game, well-played! I liked the pixel art a lot, and the animations are flowing well with the style. I imagine you've have quite the work to set up those scenes.

Unfortunately something VERY weird happened when I played. The game opened, and I start shooting around, when suddenly it just closes, without warnings or errors, just a complete shut down. I open again and it seems working fine, but now the enemy ships are coming from behind me... anyway, I continue playing, until I die and go to the second layer of gameplay... like said before, I was surprised by that, a good feeling, but then I can't interact with anything, not the arcade, nor the other guy at the arcade.... I manage to pass through the door, but then can't interact with the bed nor the computer. It must be a weird one-of-a-kind bug that happened only to me, but anyway I just wanted to inform you so you can test further.

Some things I think it can be improved with minor changes are the UI in general (symbols of interactions and text) and also I missed having a music and some sound effects, it would surely add a lot to the experience.

Given the time you had to make the game, it's a very good work mate, congratulations :)


thanks for the feedback weird that is crashed out right on you. And you couldn't interact at all with anything eh? That is even weirder there should be music in the game for some reason it likes to default the sound and music to zero so you have to go to the options and move the sliders up and press save.  As for the ui and stuff I am working on fixing that right now have been off and on all week trying to get some thing that works a lot better. so far I have a better main menu(Still working on it) And got the interaction stuff working more easily as i have it not just detecting if you are staying in the collider which is weird since that works just fine with the interaction text on top of your head. 

As for setting up the scenes wasn't to bad used supertilemapeditor making the sprites to put in the scenes were the fun part. I streamed making some of the pixel art and coding last week well working on the game fun times.  I just hope I don;t burn my self out on this one and never finish what i set out to finish. What button where you pressing to interact with objects anyways? 

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Nice! Yeah, I know that it can be hard to continue development after a jam ends, sometimes they're just quick games for jam purpouses only, but if you're making it better in the future, I'm interested in playing it again :)
Good to know you streamed the creation proccess, wish I've had seen that, can you share your link so I can take a look later?

I've tried pretty much every key in my keyboard (except numbers, F1-F12 and accents)... it must be an issue with the colliding conditions, since the game bugged before and affected the ship behavior, I believe it must have also affected other things, but as you said, really weird that the other collision-dependent functions like showing the icon still worked... anyway, I'll surely play it again.

One way you can try to reproduce this problem is starting a new game, than CTRL+F4 right in the beginning in the spaceship scene, then open it again and use the same slot as before (fyi - the second time was still displaying the slot as "new game" so I think no info was saved in the first time, but maybe some rogue variable caused this)


Hmm interacting is q on the keyboard that is how you switch from forward to back shooting in the space shooter game as well. As for saving you have to open the menu in game and select save game by pressing esc I will try to reproduce this error and see if I can figure out the cause and get rid of it. I'm assuming something was entered into the gameManager and wasn't changed back to its original values. All well I'll try to get to the bottom of this. 

and here is My twitch channel did you stream your as well?


nice, thanks, I'll make sure to follow your channel from now on :) I don't stream yet, but I'm thinking about it. For now I only have a small YouTube channel where I post some updates on my projects.


Shame you did not get time to finish but it was a lot to take on doing this and your collaboration.
Watching you make it in stream was interesting, seeing how people make these mechanics is great.
I think you did a great job in the time you had.


thanks was a good thing to see some one else play it got to see bugs I was looking over probably mainly because I was rushing to get some thing done to show off.


Good job challenging yourself!  The sprite art looks great, and a lot of interesting  interactions.  I like the idea of a game in a game haha.  Great work! Please check out my game if you have time~ 'Europa'


thanks. I am pretty sure I have played your game if i have not I will do so right after posting this reply lol.