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Shame you did not get time to finish but it was a lot to take on doing this and your collaboration.
Watching you make it in stream was interesting, seeing how people make these mechanics is great.
I think you did a great job in the time you had.

Really impressive job you both did with this game.

Great Job, Nice artwork and effects

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Thanks for the feedback i am new to coding games so all feedback positive and negative is welcome.
I did not encounter any menu issues myself but have speed up the shooting & bullet speed.
I did all my testing on joypad but hope the bullet speed changes help improve the keyboard experience.

As to the menu issue all i can think off is your mouse position when it hides it at start i have removed the hide mouse cursor.
Menus should work ok now.

Its keyboard / joypad only try left control to start the game i will update the main post thanks.