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A topic by mibrahim created Aug 01, 2019 Views: 106 Replies: 3
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So, you joined the jam and also were successful at submitting your entry (congrats for that)  but that's not where it ends, voting is your responsibility too. It's part of the jam so don't just slack off start playing more games and vote too. There are 59 entries and 584 ratings at the time when I'm writing this post; this means 59 * 59 if each participate votes each game then we should have like 3481 ratings but we only have 584 which is only the 16.77 %  of the whole THAT's SO WRONG MAN! The jam's gonna end tomorrow. START RATING!

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oh forgot to include the part you cant rate your own games lol but that doesn't change much 17 %


I agree... wish I could have rated all of them, but I don't want to rate falsely game I didn't played and unfortunately I didn't had the time to play them all :(


I've played all but 21 of the games so far some i can't play due to not having a mac. I don't think i will get through them all but I did play a good chunk of them. Tried to leave feedback on all the games I have played as well. I have an hour and 40 minutes pretty much to try and get some more done But I think I am doing pretty good at the playing and rating.