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oh forgot to include the part you cant rate your own games lol but that doesn't change much 17 %

So, you joined the jam and also were successful at submitting your entry (congrats for that)  but that's not where it ends, voting is your responsibility too. It's part of the jam so don't just slack off start playing more games and vote too. There are 59 entries and 584 ratings at the time when I'm writing this post; this means 59 * 59 if each participate votes each game then we should have like 3481 ratings but we only have 584 which is only the 16.77 %  of the whole THAT's SO WRONG MAN! The jam's gonna end tomorrow. START RATING!

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It's tough, the diagonal platforms are really annoying I HATED THEM. I had to try so many times but finally beat the game. Cool game, it's fun and has good level design reminded me of super meat boy a lot... I guess it wouldnt be wrong if I call it Super Dough Boy haha had fun playing it. Good job overall! 

Pretty  fun game and cool music. Tho I had to try several times to play it,  it kept on exiting and I long pressed  space then it started (you should fix that that way more people will be able to play this). You should turn it into an android game, add some graphics and upload it to playstore. I enjoyed playing it but as it starts right at the beginning and you die when you collide with walls even I could only make it to the part where there are two guns set and you have to climb up to reach the yellow thingy.

nah it's fine mechanically as far as I experienced

no problem!

I didn't want it to be too easy and wanted it to be challenging but ended up making it hard

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I've learnt not to make hard games for jams the difficulty should be a bit moderate for jams.  Anyway did you reach the part where you converse with the virus?

This is my second jam and I've learnt one thing  people here have  lotta games to play if your game is too difficult they are most likely to quit before completing (that's what I think) so the difficulty should be  a bit moderate 

same! and  PART 2 BEST PART!

though my dp is Joseph Joestar minimal


here's a cheat to skip to the talking sequence press "O" in any level 

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well it depends if people will  play then  I will otherwise I would just improve the colliders

Beat the game! I must say the level designer of this game is a genious!  makes you feel smart :V after beating levels :v

also you have to read the files for some more game mechanic information

also you have to read the files for some more game mechanic information

yey! :D

Thank you for your feedback :) . I fixed the volume and lowerd the difficulty level a bit I wanted to know did you reach the  part where you have conversation with the virus?

The art and atmosphere kinda reminds me of hollow knight, the spacy atmosphere and low gravity makes if fit the theme.  The slight sound of the wind  also adds to the atmosphere of the game and the gameplay though is imo  very tough I managed to reach the second boss and died there. Imo you should lower the difficulty a bit.

I like it but  it kinda tests your patience when the character goes up :v

I'm using windows but cannot find the executable of your game how to run it?

I liked it but I think it kinda relies somewhat on the memorization as sometimes you dont get enough time to see or shoot  the rings (where you shoot) that's makes it kinda frustrating.

I updated it but didn't add more enemies yet just added music and a new  mechanic. You can extract a life out of a ghost if you kill it by deflected bullet but that wont add up in score.


Thanks for the feedback :) yeah I agree it does feel repetitive  a bit  and needs to have  more variety and sounds im going to update it soon! 

I didnt know if I could use royalty free music or not...I cannot make (quality) music so I didnt add any.  Anyway thanks for feedback and yeah I am planning to improve the game drastically in the next update :). 

just survive for a bit more than fifteen seconds  I think then a portal will open you can enter that

also will work on making it more fun after the jam  now hehe

did you reach the boss battle?

was the game fun  or it should be improved more?

if there is some problem or you have suggestions to improve the game please do tell