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I like this a lot! The sound effects are really enjoyable and funny! Having a high score to show what the player's highest score would be a nice addition.

With the results finished I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone! There were so many fantastic games made during this jam. Congratulations especially to Cyber Swap for getting #1!!! Really great accomplishment. 

But also congrats to everyone who submitted a game: I know I personally learned A LOT from participating in this jam. Even if your game was lower than you expected please don't feel discouraged--- keep doing what you love and keep put yourself out there by doing something like this and releasing other projects.

@BradKraeling is my Twitter!!! :D woohoo!

Thank you, Doug! I'm happy to hear a comment about the UI- that's an aspect I planned a lot for. I might try out a mobile port sometime- I think it would control well/be easier but I'd have to see if it performed well enough. (Especially with the retro effects going on.) I'm working on an update for this game that will add a time-slow powerup so stay tuned!!!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes later on the Dash/teleport move is REALLY crucial. Also managing where you are at vertically to make sure you can get past the obstacles. I'm planning to add powerups which will help balance the game to make it more forgiving/more fun. :D

Hey y'all! After playtesting my game on different machine types I realized that higher-end PCs ran the movement MUCH slower than intended- moving the ship was like moving a rock and it wasn't fun.  As it turns out I was using Time.deltaTime in my update method to calculate movement instead of using what I needed to be using, Time.fixedDeltaTime. I changed this in the update so higher end PCs will now experience the same quality as toaster PCs (I never thought I'd say that...) I wanted to post here just for full transparency and to say if you played my game with a beast PC and thought everything was slow and boring replaying it now would be more fun. haha. I also wanted to post this because it might help out other people here remember to make sure to use the right Time.______ variable depending on what you need it to do. Thanks! 

Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it! And yes this game is hard as it currently stands. I'm planning on adding power-ups to help the player out a bit with getting higher scores. :D

Wow! This is a very great, polished experience. Great entry! I liked all of the dialogue. The riding mechanic was interesting. With level 2 the window was small so it made it hard(er) to stay on the croc. But some challenge is good. Nice job!

First game jam and first time to build a game? This is impressive! I like the concept. The car handled similarly to a real car which was cool. The camera was a little weird sometimes and I didn't like how close it would get to the car as it made it harder to see what to do. (I had to adjust my camera quite often) I also had fun doing donuts out in the field and falling off the edge of the world. haha. Good job making a game! 

Currently for what it is I actually had a good time playing overall! The cut-scenes were a bit confusing  because dialog didn't pop up immediately but I figured out I needed to press 'Z' to start it up. I thought the meta approach was really good- there was a lot of funny dialog and I really enjoy games that have a certain level of self-awareness and don't take themselves more seriously than needed. Good job making a game! Sorry your original vision didn't come to fruition but this game is still a nice accomplishment!

I like the voice-over for this game it was really fun. It's neat to see something that was inspired by Super Mario Galaxy! The background was also really well done. Cheers!

I thought the idea of putting together the ship before using the ship was a unique idea. I love pizza so I say add some pizza into the game. Haha.

Did you get a high score you are proud of? Post it here so everyone can see!!!!!!

Ah yes that makes sense. I probably skipped a land jelly or two. Good catch! 

Alright. I've beaten through Level 6 as of the time of this write up. I have a lot of feedback. 



I really enjoy this game- I love dough and I have been a pizza cook for a while so the overall concept appeals to me. 

When I first began playing I didn't like how I couldn't jump after falling off a ledge (something I test for in almost every platform, I like it) but after playing it for a while I think it adds to the overall feel and challenge. 

Speaking of challenge: this game is challenging. I've played for almost an hour and a half. The controls and obstacles PUNISH YOU. Not like a normal punish either these REALLLLYYY punish you. As of writing this, a lot of the slopes are just terrible to use, you cant jump of of some parts, you cant move easily in the upward direction (etc...) at first it was jarring and felt bad but after playing I think it adds to the overall challenge of the game. I avoided slopes at all possible more than avoiding spikes and blades. Honestly its pretty fun in a strange way. 

The level design was actually pretty cool. Some of the levels there was more than one exact path and I feel like a lot of thought was put into planning out the levels. 

Before I get down to what I really want to say some small things: I love the voice over. I thought it was funny. I only heard the narrator (the credits mentioned other VO but I didnt hear any) and a note I'd have would be to add a lot more VO- it added a lot of really fun personality to the game. 


Level 5. (I'm not going to mention any key parts because I don't want to spoil any surprises anyone might have)

What on Earth. 

That was so hard. I died and retried so many times that I MEMORIZED THE LEVEL. I DID. SERIOUSLY. I figured out some sick tricks to getting over certain parts, avoiding slopes, and dang dang dang. My pointer finger hurts now from holding down the D key. I actually ended up having to use a controller to finish the level because my fingers were tired. BUT IM SO HAPPY I STUCK WITH IT AND BEAT IT.  Honestly Level 5 was so crazy. Playing it over and over (and over) again really made me realize how things were at least thoughtfully positioned. 

Great job on the game overall. I enjoyed playing it and will probably keep it. The save feature is really nice. You should add a way to play past beaten levels again because I want to show my friends level 5 without doing levels 1-4. haha 

If you ever want to chat gamedev, or play some online games sometime let me know because just based off playing this game I think we'd get along. haha cheers!

ALSO: A continue button for the long paragraph settings would be nice for people who read really quick like me. Also having the option to exit the game after the story's completion. (I just task manager deleted it, but it would add some polish to have an exit button)

Just finished playing! Good job! I really liked the story-approach you took with the game. The gameplay was definitely a bullet hell but I spammed away at the 'J' key (interesting key for shoot I think spacebar may be better) and was able to dodge the bullets quite well. I passed through easily enough and Mr.Roboto and I were on our way to make some BIG SPACE BUCKS. 

Then, I decided to play a second time because I was curious see what would happen if I'd lose. So I purposely tried hitting as many bullets as possible. It got to a point where I think the ship got hit of of the axis and started flying further and further into the background until its just barely visible.(it also slowly moved to the right if that helps with troubleshooting)  All of the music stopped and enemies don't spawn but the scrolling still worked.  (Picture for reference) 

I think if you don't have it already a different story ending for if you died would be really cool followed by an option to retry. I think the story was overall fun and who doesn't love a robot assistant? I really liked all the layers of sound and the music for the story portions of the game was fitting. 

MVP defiantly Mr. Roboto. That guy makes some good coffee. 

Mr. Roboto and I braved the syndicate fleet!!! 

I totally agree!!! I've been enjoying playing games that everyone has been working on! And yes y'all lets keep it fair with the honest reviews. I'm going to try to play some games and offer some feedback. :D

Alright! I just played this game and would like to provide some feedback!!! 

Overall the atmosphere is great. I really like the art and the overall concept. I got stuck in the same spot as CDelisa so I could not play much - (I'd love to play more!) but I have a few notes:

1. I LOVE DOUBLE JUMPING. The jump weight feels pretty good. However one thing you might consider is allowing a double jump to occur after a player has walked off an edge. Many times I would run off of a ledge before jumping off to gain momentum and then jump in the air but currently when this is done the jump amount is only 1. That makes some of the smaller platforms trickier to platform with. I'm assuming you may have a check to see if the player is on the ground and if so then jump, plus an integer count of 1 that counts how many in-air jumps you have. (or something along those lines) One idea would be to have a jump count that is reset when the player is grounded. Then walking off of a ledge a player could still have access to 2 jumps. (just an idea I thought of I'm sure there would be some adjusting to work with this game) 

2. The sound effects are so eerie and awesome. Fantastic. 

3. Seriously the sounds. I just remembered the gun fire sound and its neat. 

4. The parallax is super cool. Sometimes it felt like it was moving too fast in regards to the foreground, but still it made the game feel huge. I think adding a vertical parallax in addition to the horizontal one would really be icing on the cake.

5. One thought is adding health bars to the enemies. I liked having to kite around but knowing how close I am to killing an enemy would help me make some riskier plays.

Seriously great job on this game. I just wanted to do a write up because I think it has a lot of potential! This was a big scope for a jam and I think you executed it very well. If you ever want to reach out and chat gamedev or anything let me know! Cheers!

Great job with Dinaura! The artist really nailed it. I think the game's art is fantastic. I think the mechanic is interesting and I really like sacrificing the pink creatures for pushing down buttons. (even though it feels mean its funny) Once a restart screen is added + more levels would be interesting. Good job!