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LOL wow thanks for this comment. 
I was like: "Wait... what can break?" 

Then I realized I left ALL of my dev shortcut/debug keys activated. 

This game has been up for 2 years and I had noooo idea. haha. 

Glad you enjoyed the game! Also I updated it to fix it :D 

finally someone gets it!!! 

LOL yes those phones have a habit of disappearing haha

Super glad you discovered all the endings!!! :)

Thanks so much for playing and posting! This game is super special to us and we're always happy to hear people's thoughts on it! :D


Yesss. This game was super fun. Love the style, comedy and the PICKLEBALL. I truly had an adventure

I'm super happy you enjoyed playing! :)

It was really fun exploring this environment! The chores were really cool to figure out. :) I especially liked fixing the space oven and removing something before putting the new one in- the puzzles weren't too hard and fun!

The controls of this game are so cool! I really enjoyed using my phone to move and see my inventory. It looks so good too! The art style is super unique and really cool. I definitely enjoyed this! 

Really cool game! I enjoyed the voice acting and the story- really interesting to change the pillows and such! Nice ending and definitely is a unique twist! :) The team did great! 

Really pretty game! The procedural generation is really cool- I enjoyed running around to different islands! The movement is also pretty fun- its kinda fun to run on the orbs and if you press E while running on an orb you jump really far. (Not part of the main loop but it was still fun to play around with haha)
I also liked feeding the foxes!

This is so awesome! Had a blast bringing all the stranded travelers together- the upgrades are neat and it was cool to use them to explore different areas of the map. The atmosphere is really cool and I loved the campfire moments! :) 

I love love love the wallpaper aesthetic in this- I've never seen anything like it before! It's really really cool. :) I enjoyed exploring the environment!

So so cute!!!! :D I love the vibes in this, the art is phenomenal- seriously so so fantastic. Everything in this is so well done and the presentation is top-notch. :) Had a lot of fun exploring, talking, and building!  

So cozy! Log mice are now the most feared video game villain. Love the sounds, style, and the crafty vibes in this! I also think its really cool that you can landscape the battlefield with trees and water- really different and neat! :D 

Super cool game! 

I enjoyed cookin up food for these great characters! Frog is so cool. Very cozy vibes and a very great collection of diverse characters- really enjoyed chattin and listening to some great tunes. Also the artwork is so cute!!!! :D Such a special game!

Wow wow wow so so good. This is so wonderfully executed. The art is fantastic, the dialog is un-bee-livable, and the sounds are great- this game is totally awesome. The mini games were nice and I especially liked that they were skippable (the games weren't hard, but that is a nice accessibility feature which adds to the cozy feel) 

Really fantastic game- this is wonderful!

Very thoughtful little game! I had fun moving the bottles around, hearing some great sounds, and seeing some great art!!! Overall this is so good! 
Also the ENDING is so awesome. Fantastic! :D

So fun! Y'all did such a great job with this. A beautiful game and I had fun chasing that Sweater Thief!

10/10 would be disappointed again

Everything in this is so fantastic! The style is so wonderfully unique, and the art. sounds and story come together to make a really great experience. Everyone knocked it out of the park with this! :) 

This is so so so cool. Beautiful looking game- and also very hard-hitting! great great job!

This game is soooo much fun! I had a blast playing this! I really liked the music changes and how the 3D sound helped me find those ghosts! 
it has such a funny fun vibe and I really enjoyed the surprises :)

Hey. Just wanted to say that this game is so wonderful! When I played it I got very emotional and I felt very encouraged. It's very well done and the story was sweet, emotional, and punchy in all the best ways. :) 

This is going to be one of those games I continue thinking about. Thanks for crafting such a beautiful experience and sharing it. :)

Wow! Really great idea and wonderfully done! I love the 'take a break', the songs, and I love that I now feel like an expert in book restoration! :D 

Woah! So many puzzles! Really great idea!

Wow! This is sensational! The most I've ever appreciated ladders and bread.

Wow!!! Awesome to hear you replayed it! :) glad the game resonated with you- that 'craving' is exactly why I made this LOL XD Thanks for the comment it made my day!

For reeealll though.  Maybe next year?  XD 

So so good!!! First match 3 game that I've really actually enjoyed playing. I love the changing rules it's so cool!!! :)

the dark souls of cat collection games

Great job y'all!!!! Yeeehaw!!!

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Wow. This is such a powerful experience. The writing is just phenomenal and you can really feel the honesty through every word. Seriously amazing. 

Wow I'm super happy you enjoyed it! I'm so honored.

:D yay

Thank you so much for letting us know! Yes we had a lot of fun making this and we're super happy that you enjoy the game. :) 

Haha! It was awesome seeing you react to the different endings. Really great thumbnail for the video too! Thanks very much for playing the game! :D Fantastic content. 

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Hello!!! I updated the game to be more performant on web! I also added a "Retry" Screen at the end! In the original the game exited, but in WebGL it doesn't exit. This will definitely help you play. :D

I don't actually have an OSX computer so it sadly makes testing impossible for me. D:

Let me know if you have any more troubles with the web version. :)

This is awesome! You perfectly summed up the reasons for why I wanted to make the game. :) I'm super happy to know that my vision was able to come across!

Thank you very much for this wonderful feedback! 

That's so amazing to hear! I'm honored that the game was relatable for you and that you enjoyed playing it. :D
It's been really awesome to see how much this game has been resonating with people so thanks so much for letting me know! 

Haha I'm really glad the game was relatable. I'm happy the character Nathan was able to entertain you and put a smile on your face. :) Thanks a lot for the nice comment and letting me know! 

I love the warioware vibes of this. The mini games are really interesting. I also really like the button spam one its fun. :D