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...And NOW You're DeadView game page

Afterlife space-shooter
Submitted by dense13 — 4 minutes, 40 seconds before the deadline
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What a great game! loved everything from the animations, SFX, the funny comments the ghost does and the excellent enemy types. I wish the character would move faster tho. Got a score of 138 :)


Thanks! Noted about speed, there were other comments in this respect too. You can get to move faster with powerups, but maybe starting a bit faster than now would have been a good idea.


Fantastic entry! Only thing I would change is the speed of moving forward/back


Very nice game! I like the chosen art style. Question, which I did not notice an immediate answer to either in-game or on the game's page, do the pickups you collect during the initial part of the game count toward anything in the second part? like attack power or speed or anything?


They do! What you pick up in the first part is what will spawn in the second. The first three are always there for you, but you only have time to pick two of the other three (health, invulnerability and bomb). So you get to pick your 'strategy' if you want. My intention was to have section 1 be both a quirky intro and a weapon selection mechanism, but I think it's not clear enough.


Nice art style and the music & effects fit well! I’d only reduce the cutscene on respawn to something like “dangit, here it goes again…” instead of repeating the whole beginning


Played and rated. Great submission for this gamejam!


  • Nice visuals
  • Music and effects fitting well
  • Story and theme connection is  great
  • Gameplay is fun with the powerups


  • It takes a while to try again 

Overall I had fun discovering the game with a nice artistic side, fun gameplay, and nice story, but only lacks in my opinion easier replayability.

Would appreciate if you check out and rate our game as well:


Yes, I knew about the annoying aspect of having to go through the intro. But the intro also is the way to select which powerups you'll have during the game. Which maybe wasn't a great idea, in hindsight. Had I had more time, I would have certainly done something differently, I myself also got annoyed with having to re-run the intro, which I had to do *many* times during dev/testing! :)


Love the story and visuals man 


Haha the intro in the beginning really got me and i liked the camera animation very much! The little comment made by the player made it feel lighthearted. Good Job!

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nice game, the intro I didn't really understand what was happening to me the first time XD.

the shooter is good, i think the weapon bonuses should be better staggered throughout the game. around 400 points i had to dodge a lot of monsters because i wasn't powerful enough to destroy them and only after i dodged a bunch, i caught a bonus that balanced things out.

anyway +1 for this game ;)


Thanks! Yeah, I didn't have much time to work on difficulty balancing, I published with literally less than 5min left. :) Thanks again for your model, I really like it!


I really liked the intro and cutscene to the ghost shooter part! I thought it was a funny intro to the game, especially with the confusion and fourth wall breaking. The arcade style shooter was definitely fun and had some challenge! I got to around 300 points before foolishly dying. All in all, well done!