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Find the right mirror to home, without seeing it!
Submitted by Dan Sfx — 14 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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After playing through all the games in the jam, I've made a post on some of my favorites and included your game! Check it out here.


I really love this idea. The audio, synthetic voices is working really well, I was surprised.


Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked!


Played this on stream. Check out the vod here for my thoughts.


Thanks for playing! Gonna check it out!

Submitted (2 edits)

Oh wow, I have not seen the games like this one before. Such a cool idea! And this is actually a true accessible game, very nice 👍 

I wonder where did you get the sound fxs?


Thanks for your comment! About the sfx, I edited myself.


oh, I see. Probably that's why you are called Dan Sfx 😀




I always had the idea to create once a game without any graphics and now I saw this entry. Very cool! Also the story is very nice and I really like the action / fighting mechanic! There are some things to improve, like avoiding that multiple audio tracks can run at the same time. Still a nice demo and I enjoyed playing it.


Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you liked it! I was unable to solve this problem of more than one audio playing at the same time before the deadline, my apologies…


Such an interesting experiment, and compelling story. I want to hear more!

Are the voices really synthetic? As in Web Speech Synthesis API?


Thank you for your comment! Yes, the voices are synthetic, but from other providers. In this small game, they were previously recorded and edited.


I'd love to play more like this. The story gets off to a good start, and good audio always adds a lot to interactive fiction. It's obviously spot-on for the jam theme too.

My main problem with this is how easy it is to get killed off (I think I may have died at the earliest opportunity, and it wasn't by doing anything that seemed stupid in hindsight) compared to how hard it is to get back to where you were. It takes a lot longer to listen to something than it does to skip over written text you've already seen, so there's no way I'm going to sit through the entire introduction (right back to the content warning at the very beginning) to have another go. It desperately needs a button to skip sections, an option to restart from the beginning of the current scene, or ideally both.

The other issue is the quality of the writing - the grammar is poor, though I do like what I heard of the story. You could do with a writer/editor (and ideally someone with a solid understanding of how to put together a branching narrative, to make sure the choices all work well). I wouldn't mind taking a look myself at some point if you're planning to do more with this particular game, though I'd understand if it was just a small project for this particular jam.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thank you for the comments! So… About the scenes, I forgot to put it in the tutorial, but by pressing space bar or enter, it advances to the next scene! Sorry. I agree about the story! Actually, I ended up doing everything myself, in a little over a week … I couldn’t refine it as much as I would like… But, with improvements in the code, I may be able to come up with something better! Once again, thanks for the comments!


Ah, thanks! I might come back and have another go now I know how to skip ahead - I tried Enter after dying but it kept restarting the "Welcome, this is an experimental game..." message so I assumed it simply worked as a restart button throughout.


Can you please remove the game from the Decentralized category (edit your entry) to not confuse the experts, since you don't use NEAR/IPFS tech? Or state how it is used if I'm missing the usage, thanks!


Ok! Done! I had used DRand to randomize an aspect of the prototype… Since it was listed on the website, I thought I should include the category… Sorry for the mistake…


Oh, ok - go ahead and explain it in the description of the game and add the Decentralized category back, that's totally fine!