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A cannon that will fire at any moment !!, try to avoid the cannon balls by jumping at the correct time
Submitted by QatariGameDev (@QatariGameDev), Neeomy — 5 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme - استخدام موضوع الزنقة#73.9053.905
Overall - التقييم عام#73.4763.476
Sound - الصوتيات#93.0483.048
Graphics/Visuals - المرئيات/الجرافيكس#103.5713.571
Fun Factor - عامل التسلية#113.0003.000
Innovation - الابداع#212.8102.810

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Loved it. Fun and simple. Background can be less obvious to keep the focus on the foreground / gameplay. The shots timing can be too long, so have a meaningful max timer (5-7 seconds max would be good). Include a jump meter - so the longer the player presses, the higher the jump - this would help the player in the continuous shots. Have patterns of shots, sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes 5, etc... that would be interesting.

Finally, allow the player to jump anytime they want, but add a penalty there: if the player jumps but doesn't pass a projectile, then there's a penalty - for example, 3 times jumping without getting over a projectile they lose (lives counter).

Loved it. Really.


thanks a lot guys for the feedback, we will try to improve the game with all your suggestions and tips ;)

الشخصيات كيوت .. الفكرة ابسط من المتوقع و المرغوب

اما العيوب التقنية هو اني اقدر اضغط على زر القفز باستمرار بدون اي تركيز و راح افوز حتى لو كنت مغمض عيوني و هذه مشكلة كبيرة

الحل هو انه يكون في وقت انتظار بين كل قفزة او عقاب في حال انك قفزت قبل المدفع

to make this a challenge you should enable jumping any time, but there should be a penalty to jumping before the cannon is shot. Think of it as the slapping game kids play. if you move your hand before the other guy tries to slap it he gets a free slap. good job on the simple yet cute characters. Shawarma!

لعبة أعصاب، ذكرتني بألعاب كنا نلعبها صغارا حيث يحاول احدنا اصابة كف صديقه بينما يضعها على الأرض وعلى الهدف ان يبعد يده بسرعة حالما يرى يد المهاجم تهوي عليه..أحببتها وأتمنى أن اراها مكتملة بكل مراحلها

أكثر ما أعجبني هو بعض التفاصيل الرسومية مثل تصميم الشخصيات وتأثير انفجار القنبلة. قواعد اللعبة بسيط جداً لدرجة سلبية بعض الشيء. اللعبة بحاجة للمزيد من ميكانيكيات اللعب الإضافية لجعلها أكثر متعة حتى بالنسبة للعبة جوال.

I like the game, its very well executed. I just wish there is some interaction that could happen while i am waiting.


fun game :D and very nice graphics

it needs a background music, and if the time between shots was short i can see my self playing it non stop

great job guy!

رسمات اللعبة جملة القيم بلاي بسيط وممتع

فكره اللعبة مناسبه للجوالات

يفترض ان اللاعب يسستطيع ان يضغط حتى قبل الطلقة وبالمقابل يخسر

هناك طلقات متتالية لم اعرف اتجاوزها

انتقاد واحد على اللعبة هو عدم السماح للاعب بالقفز إلا عندما يتم الإطلاق، أنت بهذا تسهل المهمة بجعل الضغط المستمر يؤدي للقفز في اللحظة المناسبة. ما عدا ذلك أرى أنها لعبة رائعة وممتعة


good job :)

visit our game and rate it if you like it


i liked the game alot :) need more actions if u want to make game life longer but overall i loved it :)


i liked alot the idea of the game and the funny graphics/sfx , there is a point where its impossible to avoind when that red guy shoots many bullets at the same time but its no big deal , very good game and awesome work ;) respect (y)


shawrma is love shawrma is life :'D amazing game really liked it 9/10
check our game it doesn't has the game play but it have a message :D.

اللعبة عجبتني بصراحة اول حاجة عرفتوا تدوا تصميم كويس للعبة و كمان البكسل ارت مناسب جدا للعبة عجبني اختياركم للبكسل ارت .. موضوع انك متقدرش تنط غير لما المدفع يضرب جميل جدااا و عجبني لانه بيشد اللاعب و يوتره و ده بيدي احساس جميل للاعب الانميشن كويس و البرمجة متقنة ... احسنتم


this game is simple yet fun to play.

you could add some music and levels + there is a point in the game where it shots about 8 times in a row and i couldn't avoid it "i'm not sure if it's a bug or not"

but overall i really enjoyed playing it good job guys :D

I'm not fan of mini-games game style, but the fire effect was nice. As for the game, I was just pressing repeatedly and the character jump from the right moment. Unless, the barrage shot that can't seem be avoided or maybe there is away, but I didn't bother to read how.

A way to improve that is to add a penalty for someone who keep pressing the jump button before the cannon fire. Also, maybe adding a bonus for someone who "just-jump", given the fact that the game name comes from "moment". Yet I never saw anything related to the "moment". No intentsity at all.

Overall the game was boring to me. But, oh well, good job I guess


Fun game, liked that shawrma

The same is nice to pass time with. I think it can be more fun if the shooting time didn't long and the wait time between shots is random.

also there should be a a reward for jumping at the right moment depending on the jump timing.