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One of my favorites. Aesthetically simple yet well executed and elegant. I disagree with the comments about adding instructions. I think it was a good choice to let the player explore the game. My favorite moment was in the dark area where I had given up after fumbling in for a while against the walls. Just as I was about to close the game the lighting mechanic kicked in (I hadnt discovered it earlier because i kept moving...).

nice and simple concept, execution is pretty good with a few issues. choosing the right shadow is not always easy and the hit detection is pretty ruthless. I did find the game to have a lot of charm and the character has a nice look. good job overall just work on fixing the difficulty curve and perhaps use a different way to "shadow shift" instead of just the space bar. beyond that you might have to introduce some new mechanics to the game as it progresses.

you should focus more on designing game mechanics that support story telling rather than just using what is easy. push yourselves a little bit more and im sure you'll improve. try to look at other games that focus on storytelling and see what kind gameplay they deliver.

I don't really care about the Theme. I see it as a starting point and an inspiration rather than a constraint. the art and sound are assets so i wont comment on them. that being said, lets talk design. I've seen and played a lot of dungeon crawlers of this kind, but what you have that is different is the stealth ability and the number of bullets. you need to make better use of those mechanics to set the game apart. limiting the ammo means you cant just shoot all the robots and it forces you to use stealth. there should also be environmental elements that encourage that kind of play. on a side note i found the music shifting a bit annoying. i felt like one of the tracks was building suspense but for no reason...

One of my favorite games of the jam! the sounds do a great job of recreating a test environment and the slap/scream sounds are amazingly well timed. The art style has a certain charm to it but i do believe it could be improved to bring up the overall level of the game. the difficulty of the game could be tweaked but it did not stop me from enjoying it. the mechanics are pretty straight forward but great and the animations are subtle but are a great way to give the player feedback; I am reading, im writing, im caught! . Loved it, 2 thumbs up!

The game is pretty much a simple platformer. The timer doesn't add much and the movement system is flawed and needs some work. That being said, I found the art style very charming, the characters specifically both in design and the walk animation. The worker with the mustache looks great. I'd love to see you do more with those characters but in a more narrative focused type of game.

I think zooming the camera in and out is a cool idea though it can and should be tweaked a bit more to get smooth transitions and make it difficult but not unfair to the player. art style is nice but at times confusing. where is the collider for the rooftop!? on some rooftops the highest point is not really the highest points ... try to find your twist on this genre and polish polish polish

I find a lot of the game's elements a bit unclear. dying is very sudden and unexplained for example. The art style is quite nice and consistent. all the elements fit in together within the game world and the music and sound also fit in with the mood the art is setting.

pretty simple concept but has potential for competitive players. I think the slider speed is quite alright. What i do find missing is the ability to see the number i stopped on. I also think there should be a time limit AFTER one of the players presses his button. for example if player1 presses first then player2 has 2 seconds to press or he loses. the added pressure should make it more interesting. I also feel like you have to press go too many times. i think it should only be pressed to start the round and not to show the score.

Cool concept. interesting reversal and addition of colors to aa. I would've liked to see more improvement/change on the original concept. Things like sound for example.

Interesting idea. we all know how memory works but there were certain things that were unclear like how the turns for using items worked and how the shield worked. balancing the AI in this kind of game is also a bit tricky. The art needs some polishing ( i dont see the current 3d style as a good choice for this game) and feedback in general needs to be better.

Very nicely done! The core mechanics are solid and you're level is designed to show off a lot of tricks, which makes it a great prototype. Going forward i would recommend a few things: Design-wise, stick to the core and try to not use all the tricks in one level (if you do levels) or work on the pacing and difficulty curve as the level progresses if it's an infinite runner. only add new mechanics when you've explored the core mechanics completely. As for the art, FIX IT! you guys are great but the art isn't on the same level as the rest of the game. either work more on your art skills or get an artist on board. The music is nice but i think you can also do better with more time :) looking forward to seeing this on my phone soon.

The one critique which seems to be common here is that the actual game mechanics don't support the narrative as well as they should. I would suggest adding more variety of "mini-games" each tailored to fit the narrative of the moment in narrative that it goes with. The art style is quite nice as well as the sound. the narration is not bad but i expect it to get better with practice :) (voice-acting is not easy so kudos). I loved that i could choose to walk "backwards" (Left) which breaks the norm of right being forward. so going with the norm is like clinging to the past and going left is trying something new.

The concept is really cool but i have an issue with it; once the comet is released the player can't do anything and the journey isn't very exciting. now you could either allow the player to make adjustments to the course of the comet OR you make watching it go after you release it very enjoyable, by using Music, sound effects zooming in and out when the comet gets close to a planet, maybe slow-motion effects when you almost collide. also the feedback when you release the comet and when it collides are not very satisfying. You guys made a great decision with the art style and i wish you would apply the same to the comet as well. good job, just make the journey more intense as an experience.

to make this a challenge you should enable jumping any time, but there should be a penalty to jumping before the cannon is shot. Think of it as the slapping game kids play. if you move your hand before the other guy tries to slap it he gets a free slap. good job on the simple yet cute characters. Shawarma!

What can make or break this game is feedback. you need to make it really satisfying to keep popping those dots. I'm talking about great sound effects, great visuals effects and perhaps even haptic feedback (experiment with it). You can also experiment with the way the dots are generated, having them generate interesting patterns for example.

Simple concept which I think you can make a lot more interesting if you experiment with different ways to destroy the bombs/rockets.The art style needs to become more consistent. The village and background are drawn in a very nice style and the bombs/rockets should be a little closer to that style while still maintaining some contrast. my last tip is to work on feedback; what happens when i destroy a bomb? there should be more feedback in visuals and sound to make the game more satisfying.

Keep it up!

part 2

I think you should make the kids walk and fall speed fixed as well as the speed of the cart. instead make the distance between the kid and the edge of the building variable and the distance between the player character and the cart variable as well. Those two elements in addition to the different platforms (you can also make slippery platforms or sticky platforms) can give you more than enough to design interesting levels and create challenges that the players can enjoy and still feel in control (unlike the last level where you can only wait...).

good work, it has potential.

part 1

The concept is cool especially with the twist in each new level. However, I feel like the twists might be caused by some elements of the game being unclear. like how fast the kid walks and falls, how fast the cart goes and if the buildings are just background art or actual platforms. I think these elements should be polished some more and once you have them done properly, you can start exploring cooler level designs. I suggest you also re-think the visuals and try to create an art style that is more consistent. for example the patterns on the ground don't fit the style of the buildings and the while the little kid looks adorable, the guy pushing the cart looks like a psycopath.

Fantastic! I love your take on puzzle platformers. It has that lemmings feel but with the weight on actions rather than objects. one feature that may add value to the game is the ability to see your last move. this would make things a bit more intuitive when levels become more complex. The pause mechanic is also appreciated though i think being able to see what i did previously would be more important.
there is also a lot you can do to improve visuals. the blueprint aesthetic is great but some elements look too prominent when they shouldn't like the dimensions on the sides.

I definitely see myself sitting on a bus playing this on my phone. Great Job!

Interesting puzzler! The one issue I had from a design point of view is the lack of visual aid for keeping time. To me it felt that the game required me to keep track of how long i need to keep the "clone" standing on a switch to give myself enough time. It would help if there was a unit of measurement i could use to help me count like the character flashing every second for example. That would help me decide "I need to wait 3 flashes because that's how long it takes to walk to the door". Not everyone is good at counting accurate seconds. good luck!

The concept is quite simple yet interesting. As i see it you want the player to take risks by limiting their time. The problem at the moment is that we don't see when the red wall will come up, which means that the player can't evaluate the risk of jumping and ends up jumping anyway because it could come up or not. so when I died it was because i was unlucky not because I didn't time my jumps properly.
Good job.

Easy to learn, hard to master, fun to play and hilarious to watch! The perfect party game.