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Promising concept, but game play can be enhanced. The balls are too small, and there is no feeling of progress. The need to use more than one finger 'might' be the problem, especially because of how small the balls are.

The feeling of touching the red balls wasn't satisfying enough, and you need to penalize touching the grey balls, or else players will tap everything :)

Good job!

Felt like a space-invaders type of game, but there's no great feeling of achievement / visuals. I noticed different types of enemies, but couldn't tell the difference between them - this needs to show, and I think more types of enemies would make it more fun and challenging.

Good job.

Amazing concept! Seriously, needs to finish this thing up ASAP. There are a few takes, however. The graphics is a little 'old fashioned' in today's world, the timeline is hard to keep with and has no memory - for example, when you do something and restart, the timeline needs to keep your last change or otherwise the player needs to find ways to remember what and where they put elements.

Do not introduce all mechanics at once. For example, introduce the jump, let the player play a bit with it - maybe master it a little - then the speed up, then timer, then flip, etc...

You also need a button to stop and restart the level, because waiting when you know you didn't do well is not a great feeling :) Tie a score / stars with speed of solving - this would increase the replay-ability.

Take it mobile! But this means making controls easier :)

Amazing job!

The concept is great! Still forcing too many changes early on is a bit too much. The game needs to walk the player into knowing what to do, and it does not really do that. The graphics are a little weird honestly, but I see great potential into making this a lovely and enjoyable game experience.

Good job.

You guys explained the 'philosophy' behind the game, and it's nice as a philosophy. The execution, however, is far from delivering the message. You focused on the words, and did not commit to gameplay - remember if people do not enjoy the gameplay they won't stick long enough to get the message :)

Knowing the team, I know you can do better in the future - remember again, focus on the gameplay ;)

Great stuff!

Loved the shadows very VERY much! Game play is simple and honestly, I don't see how this relates to the theme at all. Also, why collect treasures? Does it open the gates? It was not clear, I just collected.

Again, visuals are very very nice in terms of environment, but the characters can improve, and the AI is a bit too simple.

Great job!

We've seen the same exact concept before... Still it's fun :) The teacher's path being the same makes it dull, so making it random would make things more exciting. I laughed out loud every time I got caught - so that's great :)

There needs to be a feeling of progress (maybe with levels), where the beginning is easier, and so on.

Great job!

The guy does not jump - he flies :) The timer is buggy, and doesn't say anything. Because it's one level, there isn't much to do - a mini map is really needed to give a better experience.

All in all, it's a simple platformer that can be improved in mechanics, it's just too simple as it is now.

Great job.

Interesting 'camera', although causes the gameplay to be harder, so instead of being a plus, it became a minus :) The jumping should be controlled by how long the player presses, and the game causes the player to fall of the edge quickly (the jump needs to activate exactly once the player touches the platforms). Finally, games like that need to be random.

Check City Cat mobile game for a good reference.

Good stuff :)

Nice graphics, but couldn't grasp the mechanics well and progress enough... Played a few times and didn't realize why I lost. Maybe it's a visual feedback problem maybe other reasons... I didn't feel it was random, was it? If not, it needs to be :)

Lovely effort!

Nice game for a 2 player experience, although very difficult to play while easy to master, this is usually a turn off to new players, so try to play with that.

Visuals can be improved, and this game is a good candidate for mobile (on device multiplayer and online multiplayer as well).

Find ways to add 'rewards' for example: a certain part on the bar, although a wrong place that makes you lose the round, gains you a boost in 'something' for the next round(s). Doing this will add tactics to the game and make it more fun.

Good job :)

Nice concept, but needs improvement. Keeping it in one level that is bound to end is some sort of a turn off. Look at AA more, see how they change the mechanics in levels in a simple manner (changing speed, direction, etc...).

Colors is an interesting concept, I think you can play with that, and you can play with the circle size: maybe make it grow and shrink at certain levels?

Ya36eek il3afiyeh :)

LOVED the concept, by all means. It was not clear in the beginning, but it's a great multiplayer concept. My only take is that the graphics can be improved a lot. Try to use icons for weapons and blocks, but keep the focus on nicer (yet still 3D) graphics on the characters and animations.

Reference puzzle RPG games like Puzzle and Dragons, and Horde of Heroes for separating the puzzle and the animation yet keeping them relevant.

Finally, the selection of activity (shoot, block, etc...) can be improved, especially if you'd like (and you should) minimize the controls.

Amazing job, really.

Fun game play :) Needs to move to mobile! (Left jump, and right switch). You need to 'design' platform groups and keep them coming randomly.

It's nice to add coins BUT they didn't seem to have any purpose - why would I want to collect them? Find a reason :) Either buy boosts, higher score, etc...

The character is cute, but seems to be 'different' from the background. Try to have a more satisfying feeling when switching day and night.

Would be fun if later in the game something happens that breaks the mechanics - a super speed run with lots of coins, an a ability to double jump, a 'forced' day or night, a better score if you switch less between day or night, etc...

I enjoyed it very much.

I didn't see how the mechanics relate to the story. Loved the decision making, as well as the artistic concept. The music is stunning - good job. This needs to continue and become a philosophical game.

The main character's animation is 'lacking' - it can definitely improve. Also pay attention to the game focus: If it is about the story, then make the game play (matching the balls) easier. The game is not to succeed or fail in doing that, but to take the 'right' decision, and there you can play with the story line and have many many story lines where the player needs to decide whether or not to make a mistake or not. Then it would be very interesting to me - but that's just an opinion :)

Great job!

The game has A LOT of potential. The concept is nice, but the controls are not great... There are bugs in the movement, you can get stuck for no reason, and go through the doors even if they close.

I think if you fix the bugs and lift up the graphics you'll have a great game.

How the game starts is really nice - however, there's too much there, so hard to focus on the game play. It was very distracting. The particles of the projectile were also distracting, and seemed not satisfying when you're shooting it. Finally, the planet shadows are not obvious enough - they are very important in the mechanics, so show them :)

Good job!

Loved it. Fun and simple. Background can be less obvious to keep the focus on the foreground / gameplay. The shots timing can be too long, so have a meaningful max timer (5-7 seconds max would be good). Include a jump meter - so the longer the player presses, the higher the jump - this would help the player in the continuous shots. Have patterns of shots, sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes 5, etc... that would be interesting.

Finally, allow the player to jump anytime they want, but add a penalty there: if the player jumps but doesn't pass a projectile, then there's a penalty - for example, 3 times jumping without getting over a projectile they lose (lives counter).

Loved it. Really.

The concept is interesting - timing a projectile with another falling projectile. However, the movement on different platforms is not well represented: it is not easy to tell background from the actual level, and that's not something you want the players to have problems with.

The graphics can be enhanced, and instead of the 'right' arrow, make it a space to launch or so. The mechanics of the 'sponges' was difficult to handle as well.

I couldn't pass the sponge level because of the mechanics there... Having different platforms with different capabilities, like speeds, jumps, etc... would be make it interesting later on.

Graphics can be enhanced as well :) but great job all together!