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loved it, after i bought some pellets, the whole screen went black.

awesome game

thank you for making this game. its obviously very personal, and it felt personal to me too. the use of the maze to create a sense of urgency is also great.

Thank you for telling your story.

محاولة جيدة و لكن لو كان فيه طريقة تفاعل مختلفة عن النقر أو الضغط فقط يكون جيد

لو في الاعادة تبقي الأدوات موجودة على الخط الزمني يكون شيء جيد

اللعبة جداً ممتازة و التوجه الفني فريد و ممتاز جداً

مبروك انت صنعت لعبة جيدة

ّبصراحة اللعبة جيدة و أعجني حرة التحكم المطلقة في اللعبة لكن للأسف لن أعطيها درجات عالية في التقييم للأسباب التالية:

1- عدم ذكر مصادر للأعمال الفنية و من عمل على التطوير و من عمل على الرسوم

2- تغيير لغة مخاطبة اللاعب فجئة و تغير التوجه الفني للخط في نهاية اللعبة

the game lacks good "game feel" the character feels like she has no weight or the gravity is just too low.

also the camera needs to give more room ahead of the character. there is no room for me to see whats going on.

nice graphics, but I have no idea how does it serve the gameplay. I am very confused by the controls and I don't know why i am dying.

good effort on the art

the game is really confusing, and I think it needs more visual quos.

follow josephs comment, they make a lot of sense.

I actually like this. its a core gameplay is interesting, but it needs context, a purpose. maybe i am just talking bullshit. but I think its a great attempt and good game

I think this game is great. not a new concept, but the game is pretty great at execution.

the day and night concept could be improved on, for example foreground and background for 3D devices.

good job

I love the basic concept, but I feel the game is lacking in "game feel". the character is too floaty, you need to add a lot more force and weight to the character.

overall, I think the game should be persuade as a simple puzzle game. also for the love of god have a reply button.

good luck

my problem with the game is that you loose complete control when you launch, all you could do is watch over something you couldn't even predict how its going to move.

maybe a physical representation of how physics will curve the comet by the planet's gravity. or some sort of way to try to correct its path once its out. maybe a gravity field indicator?

الشيء الي عجبني باللعبة هو ارتفاع صوت الموسيقى عند قرب سقوط الطفل.

التحكم كان مقيد بشكل كبير و تحتاج لاكتشاف طرق مبدعة أكثر في التحكم

الرسم لا يتناسب مع المحتوى المتناول و هو انقاذ الأطفال، حيث أن الشخصية لها ابتسامة شريرة و هو يتضارب مع هدم اللاعب

alright. am a big fan of the narrative, but i am not so sure about the mini games itself. it doesn't push the narrative, and it feels very out of place.

good job overall

is there other way of interaction other than clicking? clicking can get boring alone.

its a good start for an infinite runner. i would suggest variety in user interaction

I could finish the whole game with just pressing the mouse to the edge of the screen. also i am bored with just clicking, any other mechanic can be used for interaction?

the game is pretty chaotic and unplayable. i don't get the controls at all and I never feel like i am in control

its a fun sneaking game. how about dedicating buttons for different shadows?

its a great simple game with a simple purpose, I wonder how many messages can you deliver sixth such simple mechanics.

I liked it

good core, and controls are fun. but the main goal that you are trying to achieve as a player is still not there I feel.

I love the puzzle mechanics blended with RPG elements. I just think that the 3D choice for art was horrible.

I like the game, its very well executed. I just wish there is some interaction that could happen while i am waiting.

I love this, very well executed.

I would have liked to see something abit more creative in how you control the player. but this is me being picky.

Good Job

its cute, but its boring to just wait for the time to pass. any other interactions could happen between those waits?


the APK is broken and won't install on my device.

the game is kinda cute. its just really unpredictable and i cant seem to know the rules of whats going on.

good job on finishing a game.

I just cant defrenciate between objects i can interact with and ones i cant interact with.

the game keeps crashing on my note 3

I actually love this game, great prototype. notes to consider:

1- the game gets boring when the ball is already out there. there should be some interaction somehow after you release the ball

2- a path for where the ball is going to go is a good idea for the first couple of levels

the game is cute, but the gameplay is pretty shallow. and the collision detection is pretty bad.

I really love this game. maybe i just love local multiplayer games.

right now, the player only have 1 queue to know what to press, color, maybe there should be somethign else, llike shape, or direction, or sound for the player to identify when they should tap.

the game doesn't do much to teach you what to do. i am very confused.

the game is pretty great as a multiplayer it seems. I disliked the usage of the game of thrones theme song. made the game seem cheap.

its a good start. I suggest start thinking creativly about interaction between players.

اللعبة جيدة كبداية و خاصة رسم الشخصيات و لكن التحكم و احساس اللعبة مفتقر للصقل بشكل كبير

زد من الجاذبية بشكل أكبر و دع الشخصية لها وزنها

a great game. obviously came out of a real struggle and required lots of bravery to create.

the game depends only on tapping actions, i would have loved to have more variety in controls. maybe have a swipe left and right like tinder ha ha. that would even give it a different layer of social commentary

you guys rock and i promised i would buy the game didnt

I am sure some games got submitted without ill intent. Just some misunderstandings. It was important for other developers in the jam to feel like we are looking out for them too.

sorry if any of my messages seemed harsh or disrespectful.