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Brilliant game, I loved the level design and the game theme, Selecting game difictulty before play was a great feature as well, Also the music in the game is also beautiful.

The following are the only drawbacks, which I believe you can fix or improve in future releases:

1- The attack feels tedious and repetitive, adding an impact to enemies as well as the player when they are hit would be fantastic feature.

2- Smoothing the transition between frames in animations is advisable, Current system gives impression the game is lagging.

3- It would be favorable if the player could shoot shurikens, as archers can be harsh in some locations.

Congratulations to you and the rest of the team.

Interesting game, i love the way i control the robot.

Super addictive, interesting concept, I am stuck at level 3 but i keep trying!

Good job.

Not working..

I like the art style, but the game lacks menus and could be played in the browser.

Excellent way to represent the Zanga theme. The story is touching, but the gameplay is simple, and the artworks could be more unique.

The Arabic texts are an ideal pick.

Good luck

شكرا لك,

صراحتا كل الأفكار الي ذكرتها كانت بتكون موجودة منها التعلق على السقف و الجري بسرعة وكذلك بكون في قصة وأسرار أكثر لكن وقت الزنقة ما أسعفنا واضطرينا نشيل بعض المزايا من اللعبة.

What a game xD.
that so hilarrous, the dialogue in this game is what kept me playing despite the fact that I don't care about any the other aspects, the arabic dialogue is so humorous.

Interesting concept, but the controls and game physics could be improved.

It encouraged me to keep playing it until I encountered a bug at level 5 when the green recatnagle dropped from the sky for unknown reasons, preventing me from progressing.

Good luck.

I managed to defeat the double bosses, but the game appears to loop after that?!.

I really like it and the design of the spaceships, but the backgrounds could be enhanced as well.

Adding more visual effects can also make the game much better.

Good luck.

Nice polished game, my only complains are:

1- The spining sword is slow, it would be cool to make it spinning faster.
2- Title screen is missing, At first I was confused about the game rules and how to play.

Nice little game, I like the idea of playing cat and how it's related to the Zanga theme, and I'll leave my feedback below.

1- The game resolution is too high for the pixel art style, it would look better on a low-resolution screen, similar to old retro games.

2- The spikes colors are so blended in with the level backgrounds that it can be frustrating.

3- There is a delay or lag sometimes before jumping, which I believe can be fixed with how input is updated in the update logic... Godot also has this issue, which can be fixed by changing the physic to process update for the inputs logic.

The music is wonderful, and I love the artwork.
best of luck.

شكرا لك, الحركة الصعبة كانت فكرة تحدي اللعبة

لعبة رائعة! استمتعت بها

I love the art and the flow of this game, and I have some suggestions to make it better:

1. The red dialogue text is tough to read.

2. While you wait for the dialogue, enemies have the opportunity to fight you.

3. The player cannot distinguish between certain pieces of furniture and home objects that he can walk through and those that he cannot.

Gotta agree, the option to support both English and Arabic at once was a great feature!
Good luck.

Excellent shoot 'em up! I love the music and gameplay.

My only suggestion is that the player move faster. Otherwise, the game is enjoyable and entertaining.

EienNoBeginner's soundtracks are wonderful!

Nice platformer game with amazing music, but here's some feedback:

The collision system is slow and sluggish.

The user interface is simple and dull.

The control occasionally lags.

I believe the shooting could be improved.

I enjoyed the bosses, but I hope you'll add more in the future.

Remember, That's the exciting part of participeting in game jam, is to try different things, so never stop doing that and best of luck ;)

Woow, very polished and fun game concept.

The character design arts and music are awesome too!

Megman It's one of many inspirations for the game, and there's a discussion going on with my team about how we can improve the game or even remake it into something bigger in the future. We will take honest feedback seriously and will add or extend the level much further, to give it more depth. That's the fun and best advantage of participating in game jams, by testing your game concept with more people.

Thank you.

Thank you

Thank you for the feedback, probably we will improve the game further in the future or maybe turn it into something big.

The only things missing from this fun and simple casual game is more levels, obstacles, and visual improvements.

Also, it would be nice to have a best time score, I believe that adding an online highscore for the best time will make the game more challenging.

Despite its simplicity, I think this is a good game concept that could be improved with high quality contents.

It's one of the games I'd probably go back and play again! Good job, it's a lot of fun.

Here is my feedback to improve it further, it is only for the graphic.

I believe the level textures and skybox can be improved by adding level decoration or a seagulls on the sky, or a crowd of hamsters at the end of each level.

First of all, I adore the pixel graphics, the animation  style of moving enemies and visual effects, the sound effects, which remind me of Newgrounds flash games, which is why I absolutely love it.

and here is my feedback to help the game improve further:

1- Add menus, I just jump into action without a second thought!

2- The control for choosing orbs (1,2,3 on keyboard) and space bar make it difficult to control, which is the only disadvantage of the game; I believe that if you improve it, it will help the game much more.

That's all I've got, great game.

First and foremost, congratulations on your participation in the game jam, And here is my feedback:

1- At first glance, I thought the mouse would be the primary game control, but I was confused by automode and arrow key control.

2- I'm not sure if I should place the orbs on player, enemies, or specific slots?.

3- Adding more sounds and visual effects will improve the game even more.

4- The UI is simple but could be more polished (no harm, I didn't have time to improve our entry either, but it's just as important as other game design elements).

Best wishes.

As a prototype simulation game, this has the potential to grow into something bigger, and here is my feedback to help improve and fix the game:

1- Increase the number of ASMR sound elements.

2- Improve the game's optimization.

3- Add challenges to the player, such as going bankrupt or something similar, and a rival companies chart.

Overall, good work.

Despite the pixels, I imagined the game art to be in the style of a children's book.

I can play it before bed and listen to the soft music., Nice game!

I originally assumed it was a casual puzzle game, but despite its simplicity, the game made me feel thrilling when playing later stages.

Excellent work.

The pixel game arts, sounds, and gameplay system are polished and suitable for a commercial project.

The only difficult part is spell control, which I didn't quite understand but will try again later.

Excellent work, and I notably like the game page design.

It's a very fun and well-made pinball game that I could play all day.

Great work.

Congratulations for your first weekly challange game!
Nice and simple, the visual are nice too.

I liked the music by the way <3

Sorry guys, we were rushed to upload the HTML5 in the last few minutes, and we didn't expect to face any problems because everything was running normally in the editor testing, I believe the problem only occurred because the sprite region sizes was not a power of two compared to the bat and other enemies...

We are working on hotfixes, but we will not be able to upload them until the voting phase is completed.

Yeah, I'm aware of the problem, I believe it's related to sprite region size, and it will be addressed as soon as the voting period is over.

I apologize for the inconvenience, we were rushed to upload it in the last few minutes, and we didn't expect it to behave differently on HTML5 than on Windows; all other versions are currently web-only!

OMG! The player sprite become  invisible in HTML5 T___T

I won! Yay! I found 9 sprockets.

This game is amazing; it has a 90s vibe to it, similar to old rare games and ps1.

fantastic work!

The ocean details and missions are enjoyable, making this one of the best games of the game jam so far.

This is a great game that can also work well on mobile if supported, but here is my feedback:

It's unclear whether the artwork style, particularly the grass, is accessible or not.

The white color scheme also makes it difficult to recognize.

The fish art style could be changed to match the ink style, similar to paper mario.

But, overall, it's a nice game, and I like how the fish moves smoothly with gamepad support.

Thank you so much^^

The art is well-polished, but I usually struggle with tactical and simulation games, but this one is simple to learn.

Interesting game! The control is good, and I enjoy the ocean-atmosphere, particularly the whale sounds and the horror concept. The only thing that could be done better is to add more puzzle types and details to the backgrounds/decoration. And happy birthday ;)