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Wow! It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience!

You did a brilliant job mixing two fantastic titles!


thank you 🌹

Minecraft meet No Man's Sky xD

You better make video how to play the game :P

Nice way to use the growth theme xD

Nice simple game but lack of sounds.

Good snake game but i hope you will improve the backgrounds.

Don't give up, after the rating phase. I am still waiting to play the game and cannot wait to see it ;)

Classic, Simple and Cool !

Nice plaformer game but can be improved for the jump system.

Funny game, but buggy controller, Overall congratulations to made it in GameMode.

I liked the game feeling! Well done.

This unique idea! Good luck.

This the most funny game i have played so far xD

Can't agree enough with 4Knights, This game have strong potential!

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I played the google drive it's nice concept and very nice title, Again I am super happy to see many Godot submission <3

Current submission will be reviewed, but don't give up on improving this game in future.

Wow, highly polished amazing game !! Well Done

I try to not be biased for any Godot game, Good chunky platformer :D

First of all congratulations for the submission, But hopefully next time you learn how to export your game probably, Don't give up after the rating process feel free to reupload the game in playable format :)

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Sweet game little game!
It gives me the old memories of my old gameboy xD

thank you for the feedback 🥰

شكرا جزيلا  =D

Too bad it's not working :(

A flappy bird with a twist, Need more backgrounds variations and control :D

Good job.

Not working :(

My score is 1 XD

Unexepected ending xD

Very nice puzzle game, Good job!

Interesting concept. With more work on collisions and physics, this game will have strong potential.

A very stylish game, Good job on choosing good effects, I wish the game was a bit longer but I understand it's for the gamezanga jam.

Good game arts, interesting concept!

Here are some suggestions to improve the game:

1- add more animations for the player.

2- add more obstacles.
3- add horror elements.

4- add some puzzles on some levels.

Good luck.

Not working..

Nice concept but need more work for the physics and collisions of the cars.

Interesting story based game, I found it hard to review this kind of game but congratulations on making it for the gamezanga.

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Game arts are amazing!. Here some suggestions to improve the game:

1- sometimes, I cannot fire, fix this issue.

2- Add more damage effects when enemies are destroyed.

3- Add screen shakes.

4- Add more sound effects.

An interesting story, very nice visuals, and good graphics; however, the level design aspect needs more work besides the platformer engine.

I stuck the first time when I didn't know the first door need a key, and if I fall, I think the game won't show me the restart screen.

Overall, congratulations on making the game.

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With more features this game can become solid, The graphics are good though.

Here are some features I suggest adding.

1- add sounds and music.

2- add more obstacles (plane, birds, fish, or whales jumping from the water, falling rocks when entering the canyon, or even blowing winds)

3- Add restart and game over screen.

4- Add collectible objects.

Best of luck.

Lovely puzzle 2d game, Great job, The character is very charming.

This game will be the next meme xD

I have nothing else to say, Good work team.

This should be played by someone on youtube.