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Nice concept for a simple game, I suggest to make the game much harder like:
1- add some obstacles like people walking
2- Make the timer reduce faster in later time.
3- Make people stay more longer sometime to add more challenging twists.
Best of luck.

My score is 264  :)

Wooow, Catchy and supper addictive! Yet classic and simple.
Best of luck @hosani69 :D

Amazing game! Love the the screen effects and atmosphere! Best of luck :D

Amazing 3D puzzle game, 5/5 !

The story is good, This would be good to be a text based game, But I'm disappointed for not having any contribution on the plot.

Visuals can be improved.

Amazing plot for a text game, I need to be mathematics expert to understand the economy.

This would be fit better for Web HTML5 game.

I will have nightmare because of this game XD

Good luck.

Graphics and game atmosphere not bad, But the control and physics can be improved :)

At first i thought it's a visual novel, Than i found it it's kinda rpg shoot em up game, The control very smooth and balanced, Yet the game is challenging.

The slow intro in the begining is deceiving xD!

reached over +230 score, Actually i ended up to fall ? The game is not endless ?, I think collision, sounds & graphics need improvement.

Fast & Cool game, I don't see where the illusions, But i enjoyed playing it! This the most important for me ;)

I never expected to see a visual novel game in GameZanga, The story is very interesting!

My suggestions to improve the game:

1- Add more visuals and expression images.

2- Need better presentation (Title screen etc)

3-Better to restrict player response to the options provided.

4- Ending can be improved (image or video scene)

Overall, I'm happy to see different genres games for GameZanga, Well done guys.

@4Knights Game Studio

glad you like the game, Thank you for the suggestions we will update the game in future if many folks still interested to play :D
@Nbrase & @dhiaa

Thank you guys, We will try to adjust the game difficulties after the zanga ;)


Thank you for your feedback & suggestions, I can't wait to update the game adding the light ;)
@Fadi Soufi

great to know you noticed the differences compared to the prototype xD

@Mohammed Darwis
@Ahmed Al Mutairi

Thank you guys!

Woow !
That game so simple and yet so fun to play!!

I didn't udnerstand the concept, The control can be improved :)


Finally i got the chance to play the game! I liked the spooky and horror elements!

However, the control and physics need improvement.

You can extend the game with more deeper story, add blood and gore animations, sounds effect, Than it can be sellable in steam ;)

Good luck :D


I finished the game! wow, Impressive quality and presentation, You can extend this game after the zanga!
I liked how the control very smooth & responding!

Keep it up

I played this game in my office today with my 2 friends, Both of them love it! simple yet addictive, Started like an easy game, Than started to be so challenging, The atmosphere and effects are well made.

You can add timer or leaderboard in the end, For who finish it quickly.

Keep it up.

-interesting simple concept
-cute character!
-great presentation!
-balanced gameplay!
The only flaw i think, It force full screen mode which i don't see it be necessary!

Well done, I highly recommend this game to kill the boredom ;)

Lovely game! Very fast and polished, Only the cons is i didn't understand it in the beginning, But i can say this one, Got me addicted!

Well done bro :D

To be honest, Compared to what i saw during the second day of zanga, This version surpassed the prototype version, I'm very excited for what will come next! Graphics are high quality for a gaming jam entry, I'm glad you made it.

For cons, I highly suggest to support multiple control inputs & options, And to improve the backgrounds as well.

best of luck Fadi ;)

Nice concept! I liked the artworks and game atmosphere, Here my suggestions.

1- Add animation to the main actor.

2- Make the texts more bigger & clearer, I can't read it very well >_<!

3- In the end also texts not visible.

4- Better to make the game have random maze each time we play.

Overall, It's slow paced puzzle tactical game, I liked the concept, the character artwork is cool as well.

Best of luck :)

Amazing concept! Reminded me of Fez :)

thanks a lot guys for the feedback, we will try to improve the game with all your suggestions and tips ;)

A nice version of flappy bird :)


This game like an animation program when you select the commands on the timelines, addictive gameplay, but the only bad thing i don't know how to quit from the game.

cheers :D

This one of the funnest game from the Zanga, it's funny and require player attention, the game could be extended with more

dynamic features, like the students can complain or adding noises alarm for the instructor.

good luck and cheers :D

i tried to run the game, but nothing happend sadly :/

Being Detective Conan is required to play this game, it's a simple fps puzzle game, I loved the intro arts, the only problem i found is the texts size and GUI, which are too small for my eyes (not sure if it's my laptop issue)

i think the concept can be remaked into a more deep and complex game, i prefer to translate the concept into a 2D game instead of 3D after i saw the arts quality, that's my honest opinion.

best of luck for you all ;)


the graphics style is amazing and love how the animation look, the game can be polished more with more effects and GUI designs, i just love the artistic approach the game has.

also more sounds or background soundtracks can do the trick.

overall, you did a great job guys :)


This game is heart-touching, it's a story telling type of game, unique artist approach, i love how the atmosphere fit togather.

well done guys :)

Simply !! one of the best zanga game i tried now so far *____* !!
it's addicting !! sweet pixel arts, smooth gameplay !! a game with an awesome twist.


good luck

Interesting simple runner game, I think the only thing I'm missing are the sound effects, more sounds and fixing the animation sprite can improve the game vastly, the graphics not bad and fit very well together.

good luck buddy :)

This game is not recommended to play during the midnight, and now i can't go to the kitchen :(

it's a puzzle point and click game with horror theme, the ghraphics is ok, however the movies and story require is a bit longer, i suggest to make it easy to skip it by the player.

good luck :)

Loved how memory game mixed with rpg battle, i believe the concept itself can be extending with multiplayer mode.

Thank you for your feedback *___*

we will improve the game after the zanga!