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Fight enemies, collect fragments, and save your banana-loving-buddies
Submitted by essdrag — 6 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#2242.9622.962

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Cute game, I really enjoyed the art style and very fitting sound effects!

Thank you!! 💜 


Thought this was a really cute little game. It's so much like the one we created - a 2D platformer with 3 minutes to save the day by collecting collectibles - must be cliche! I hope everyone was able to get the Monkey Island references! I was wishing there was a Le Chuck frog xD So I thought your music was really excellent, I loved the graphics and the props you used to create the level layouts. I had some issues with the jump not working as responsively as I would have liked when using Spacebar for some reason. I wished that there were more levels so I could enjoy it for a bit longer :) nice solid entry - well done guys.

Thank you so much for the kind comment! 💗


The music is very sweet and relaxing! Maybe as a design suggestion I would leave more head space over the frogs - it took me a while to understand I had to jump on their heads. Nice job! 

Noted! Thank you so much!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

The games looks very polished and is quite fun! The trampoline things and some of the other interactions are just a little buggy. Overall, though, it's great.

Thank you for the feedback!! <3


Haa slinging turds is fun. Took me a while with some bits to work out they were dangerous and not to be walked into, but once I got my head around that it was great fun and the art work is wonderful.

Thank you! Happy to hear you had a fun time! 


Definitely a fun game (especially the gun wtf) and the atmosphere is cool too ! 

Good job :)


Lol glad you liked it. Thanks <3


The weapon is hilarious, hahaha.  I felt at times the jump was a little sluggish, but not consistently sluggish, so I feel like I'm doing something to cause that, like maybe maybe pressing and holding the jump button too long?  Not sure.  Nice work though!

Thank you for the feedback! 💼 Will take note of the jumping. ✍🏻


Very nice graphics and mellow sound. I like the “weapon” :-)


Haha! Thank you <3


Very cute :3 I didn't manage to finish (didn't really understand how to defeat the different frogs) and the controls are a bit hard to grasp but overall the ambiance and pitch is very lovely ggs :)

Thank you for the feedback and the review! :)


Fun game, the visuals and sound are beautiful!
However, some coyote time and jump buffering would be a great addition to the responsiveness of the controls. Other than that, nothing to suggest. Great project! 

Thank you for the feedback and advice! Will take note of that. ✍🏻 Thanks!!


Nice Game! I like the art and the sound/music a lot. great entry overall ;)


Thanks, friend! <3


Dude, this game is a vibe. Love the art and the music and the overall relaxing feel. Just fantastic!

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed playing. 💗


Cute game! I loved the menu buttons as bananas and the peel hover effect was a great touch. The art is wonderfully done.   

Developer (1 edit)

Well said! Thank you so much for the review <3


I'm in love with the graphics and sound effects of this game. With a little more refinement in mechanics, this will be an extremely fun concept. Love it and keep making games <3 

Thank you so much for the kind words! 🥺💖


The game is very beautiful, it's funny.  You need to make clearer what hurts you, improve some mechanics and when I press play it takes 7 seconds or so before it starts.
It looks and feels really nice though. I still gave you 5/5 for all, it's a cliche that ratings are the most important thing anyway! :)

Thank you for letting us know some issues you encountered! ✍🏼 Glad you still enjoyed the game!


Not sure if it’s just on my end but having some trouble playing the game in browser, initially input wasn’t working at all, a refresh seemed to fix that - mute never seems to work, and whenever I die I get the victory screen… which admittedly made me feel very skillful ;)

Love the art style and the music, feels very nostalgic to me for some reason!

Definitely a fun little experience overall, and like I said I suspect some of the technical issues might’ve been on my end as refreshing fixed some!

Great job :D

Thank you so much for the kind words! <3 Glad you enjoyed the game. :’)


Well done! I like how polished the game art and audio.

But I had a hard time trying to get used with the combinations of keyboard and mouse


Thanks, my good human! Yeah, sorry about that, we plan to make some adjustments later on :)


Congrats for finishing the game! Love the graphics and the suits hehe.

Sounds effect are pretty cool too. Good luck!


Thank you! Still can't believe we were able to submit the game on time. XD


Love the artwork and game design! really has some potential with a little work! great job everyone!


Thank you very much. We have some pretty talented team members.


Lovely idea! The game had some fun parts but the annoying ones overshadowed them for me. Movement felt too sudden and a lack of coyote time made falling really easy.

There were a few bugs I noticed as well:

  • I lost completely, got zero banana fragments but still got congratulated for winning on the next screen
  • Music didn't loop
  • There was some pop-in which might be from playing in browser

It's definitely still a great accomplishment to finish a game and I hope you make more in the future :)

P.S. Loved the banana button, just hovered on and off on it for a few seconds!


Yeah, we have a lot of bugs to fix. But thanks for the kind words. <3

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