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Is this game jam dead?

A topic by Tefel created Dec 04, 2018 Views: 241 Replies: 5
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Participating in this game jam was rather spontaneous. I decided to do something in November so I worked for more than 3 weeks.
Here is my submission:
I thought that idea is not so bad and people may like it, but there is one problem.
So far only 1 person downloaded it!

I wonder what else I can do now?

Is it really worth to put efforts here?  Can I submit it somewhere else? What do you guys think?

Thank you!
Lukasz (Tefel)


Hi Tefel, 

First, wow your game looks so nice, congratulations!!,  I am currently downloading and will play and give you my rate tomorrow ... 
Regarding your question, I think if you learn something this worked but is my way to see things ... 





The game jam isn't dead, but it does often feel like not many people are taking the time to play your entry. It can help to play other entries and leave comments. A post like this is a good idea to get people to check it out, too. Don't give up hope!


Ah cool! Do you have guys ideas how to push it further, to not waste effort making prototype?
I was thinking creating pitch from it or submitting to other competitions?
To be honest is my first Game Jam and I have no idea how to start.


A lot of game jams won't allow you to submit games you worked on previously, but you might be able to find some who don't care as much. The smaller the game jam, the more likely people will leave feedback on your game. Game Off has so many people involved, it can be overwhelming to play/vote on everything.

My only other suggestion would be to share the game elsewhere, like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Especially on Reddit can you find some people willing to check out your prototype and share feedback. Hope that helps!