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Hey mvanbaalen! I enjoyed playing Parallel, really cool, I rated already  ...  (here is the link if someone wants to see it )

I agree  with you about the voting, hopefully with this last couple of push we can get some votes ... 

Game Off 2018 community · Created a new topic Rate wanted

Hello Community!! 

I enjoyed a lot be part of the Game Off 2018 and this is my last try to get some rates on my game 

Please comment your game to rate it too ... 


Thanks for your comments, is appreciated. 

Thanks for your feedback ... 

Rated caver man, cool game... Thanks for the feedback about Rat-Pigeon ... 

WOW very nice to be your first game ... I also worked in my first game in this Jam help me with your comments and rate .. 

Hi Tefel, 

First, wow your game looks so nice, congratulations!!,  I am currently downloading and will play and give you my rate tomorrow ... 
Regarding your question, I think if you learn something this worked but is my way to see things ... 


Hello Zank, 

Thank you for your feedback! 

Totally agree that we still have a lot of work to do. The random transition between the scenes are intentional, we want that the game to be a little hard to generate some positive frustration on the player and push him to try again. We are considering to have a scene of transition on the initial times, but after that, the idea is to mix the types of runner games, add more randomness looking to add a new level of complexity... We are still thinking about it ... Again, thanks for your feedback, we appreciated it ..... 

Thanks for the idea, it's great! We may work on this + mobile support ... Thanks for your comment!