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Of course, you can stream it on Twitch!
Sharing Steam link where people can find the game is very appreciated!

You need to password to extract it. You should receive it in the email msg.

It's typical google drive downlod. It requires password to unpack.
Please let me know if you don't have one and you are the project supporter.



Adding short tutorial could also help explaining game mechanics :D

Have you defeat the boss? How was it?

I could quickly create options menu in the game, but because this is just a prototype I cannot implement everything at once.
You can try with full screen ALT + Enter. This is the only thing you can change for now.

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Ah right, there should be maybe particle around character visualizing range of parallel skill.
Although at first mechanics are hard to understand I thought that after first two levels and hints it becomes clear.
Of course primary attack is not modifying terrain if there is nothing to modify.  It only happens when there are differences between worlds!
Thank you for your time!

Hey pfail, thanks for your feedback. I wish you had proper graphic card to enjoy fully the game. I will make tomorrow playthrough and Twitch stream during the weekend so you can check whole experience ;)
Thank you for your time and playing game!

Ah cool! Do you have guys ideas how to push it further, to not waste effort making prototype?
I was thinking creating pitch from it or submitting to other competitions?
To be honest is my first Game Jam and I have no idea how to start.

Audio is freaking awesome!


Participating in this game jam was rather spontaneous. I decided to do something in November so I worked for more than 3 weeks.
Here is my submission:
I thought that idea is not so bad and people may like it, but there is one problem.
So far only 1 person downloaded it!

I wonder what else I can do now?

Is it really worth to put efforts here?  Can I submit it somewhere else? What do you guys think?

Thank you!
Lukasz (Tefel)

Thank you :)

Hey everyone, I am new to and I signed for my first game jam (Indie Game Making Contest 2018).
I wonder if I can submit my project today and resubmit / update it tomorrow minimizing the same risk.