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Don't Waste Your TimeView game page

A small adventure game for GameBoy
Submitted by Zirk, Verdant_Jack, AlexandreCoulon (@Coulonfucius) — 9 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#83.5463.813
Innovation / Originality#113.6623.938
Gameplay / Fun#133.3713.625
Sound / Music#193.0223.250

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
Main mechanism is time travel

Did you use any assets?

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Congratulations, you made it to the 9th place!

I'll write to you via Discord, so you can let me know, if you want me to send some free stickers to you! :)


This was a delight! The gameplay and puzzles were fun, and I laughed at the jokes. Oh... and I played in French because I wanted to practice my comprehension! C'etait tres amusant, tout autant que les BD! :P


Merci beaucoup, glad you appreciate our game :) Also really cool to see our game on Game Boy Color, thanks for the photo


I like how there was so much in this little world you made. It was framed nicely in a good story. 

I quickly lost track as to whether I was in the past or the future. I guess it didn't really matter, but it helps the story make more sense. 


Thank you! We thought it was important to vary the gameplay and to have a story

We tried not to lose the player between the past and the present by slightly changing the color palette and the music


I really enjoyed this game especially the art style :)


I had a lot of fun playing this. The time travel idea is great. It makes an interesting game mechanic for puzzles and perfectly fits the theme of the jam. There is a lot of potential here. I hope you continue to work on your game. I would love to  play more time based puzzles.

Letting the bosses difficulty scale with the usage of the time travel mechanic is a clever idea. I had to do a second run because I just couldn't beat him with one heart. Furthermore I wanted to see what's in the laboratory. I was a little disappointed there wasn't anything to do, like a special item or easter egg. Or did I miss something?

It's impressive that you've managed to make an English and French version in only seven days.

Overall an entertaining entry. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for your comment!

I’m glad you liked the boss idea (and that you had to play again to get an easy version) because that was definitly our mail goal!

About the laboratory, I think you did miss something but I agree that it’s maybe a bit too well hidden so here is a little help:

When you are in the past version of the world and try to reach the laboratory, there is a big lock instead of a numpad, and you might have a surprise while trying to reach the corridor from that point of time and from the inside… Tell me if you managed to find the secret :)


Thanks for the hint, now I found it. Really nice idea to put the background story into an optional part of the game. It feels rewarding to find it, even if I needed a hint :)


Thanks for taking the time to try the digicode and looks for the secret

I really appreciate that someone tried to go that far and look for the small things we hidded around like this one!


Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait d'autres Français dans la Jam :) . (Quelques fautes d'orthographe dans la version française que j'ai faite d'ailleurs :p) . Si tu as besoin d'une pré-correction fait moi signe, mais c'est agréable d'avoir le choix de la langue, je n'ai pas eu le temps de l'implémenter dans le mien ;) . Sinon bon petit jeu, un peu court, mais c'est normal pour une Jam, surtout avec son système de 2 espaces temps à gérer, donc deux fois plus de boulot j'imagine. Tu comptes en faire une version plus aboutie ? Quels logiciels à tu utilisé pour la musique ? Elle est franchement pas mal ! Bonne chance pour la Jam :) .



Merci pour ton retour :)

On avait prévu un peu de temps pour relire le texte à la fin de la jam mais on à eut un problème de Gît à ce moment et on à préféré pas prendre de risques

Pour le moteur, on à utilise GB Studio, notre première fois avec pour toute l’équipe donc parfois un peu difficile de s’adapter

Je ne sais pas trop ce que le reste de l’équipe a prévu pour la suite du jeu mais je crois que le continuer n’étais pas trop dans les plans (surtout que moi et l’un de mes coéquipiers se lançons dans une autre jam de un mois, alors dans tous les cas ça sera pas pour tout de suite)

Ah et sinon c’est super cool de voir notre jeu sur une vrai console, merci pour la photo :) Tu as fais comment pour le mettre dessus?


Pour mettre le jeu sur la console d'origine ,j 'ai 2 solutions, j'ai un linker avec une carte micro SD, ou tu met les roms. Sinon j'ai aussi un dumper, ou je peux "graver" une cartouche. Je test tous les jeux sur la console, comme ça je note sur un pied d'égalité :) . Par ailleurs quand j'ai vu qu'il y avait un ou plusieurs français, j'ai googlé vos noms, et je suis tombé sur un Alexandre Coulon de Dijon , est-ce le même que celui aillant participé au jeu ? Je demande car étant également de Dijon la coïncidence serait folle :D .


Bonjour et merci pour tes retours ! Et non je ne suis pas de Dijon ^^


Un homonyme alors , ça me semblait improbable mais sait-on jamais ! Beau boulot en tout cas les gars 😉.


REALLY cool idea! I could see this mechanic having a lot of potential for more puzzles/challenges. Also the surprise at the end was fun :)


Thanks for your comment When we designed the idea we thought it would indeed be a nice one and I’m glad you think so too!


I replayed it too to get the benefit. The first time I played the boss I only had one heart with each respawn, the second time I had four hearts. Was there something in-game that determines that or was it a bug the first time


1 heart meant it was the hardest difficulty (so you did a lot of time jump), 4 is the 2nd easiest

Higher difficulty give you less health and make the boss attack faster

When you reach the boss he tells you how many teleportations you did and the line he said right before you fight him change depending of the difficulty too

So yeah, definitely intended behavior!


Ah ok, when he said it would be more difficult, I assumed it was solely because the added number of attacks. It definitely scales up the difficulty to have more attacks, quicker, and less health! In an expanded game, it could be neat to have different elements be tied to the various boss elements. For example, the number of time switches determines how many times the boss attacks while using items more (like freezes enemies a ton of times) will make the attacks faster and so on and so forth.
Again, neat concept!


Ah indeed, I didn’t consider the idea of splitting the difficulty on different gameplay mechanisms, definitely a clever idea


I got stuck in the room with a big crack and two bad guys. I can use "b" any hints?


Hey, the room have some pressure plates on the side that you can’t reach, I wonder what would happens if you were to freeze a guard on top of it :)


I really liked the time travel mechanic for this game. Going back and forth in time to solve puzzles and seeing the world change was fun. Reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

Also cool that you have a boss fight that gets harder the more you use the teleport ability. I didn’t stand a chance after using teleport 22 times my first try, haha.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your comment

Game is made to be really tough for the first playtime when the player don’t know about the “difficulty scaling mechanism” so feel free to try it again by optimazing the puzzles a bit more!
(But we did manage to beat it under the hardest difficulty so it’s not impossible, take us a good amount of tries tho)


Ey! same mechanic as mine, but not really XD i like that its smol and concise, a lot of puzzles are implemented neatly on the mechanic nice job!