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Merci :) . Alors non à la demande de la Kamo, mais si d'autres jeux sur le même concept sortent ça devrait être possible, je viens de sortir "Bibliothèque de Dijon GameBoy, où tu as la rom de disponible si tu le souhaites, on passe par contre sur un jeu d'aventure :) .

During the game boy period almost no game was translated into French, and that didn't stop us from appreciating the work of the developers, each in turn 🤣. More seriously I wouldn't have had the time to make an English translation before the end of the Piky festival , of which the game is the result, but I will think about it for the future of the game !

Merci :D

Thanks :)

Thanks :) for the sprites I made them myself, for the backgrounds, it's a mix of personal creation and assets pack proposed by "Gumpyfunction".

Marseille est en France, jusqu'à preuve du contraire 😅

french révolution is everyday !

Very nice to see my game on a real GBC screen in my turn, especially since I had only tested it on Game Boy DMG and GBA on my side :D .

Thanks for your feedback on the game, and I'm glad you liked it, even on its "blind" part, the reference to electronic games like "Simon" is totally assumed :D . I am currently developing an update of the game which will propose 2 new modes. A mode with clues, and a mode with melodies to find the keys, I hope that it will satisfy those who did not understand the interest of "guessing" the keys and having a good memory!

If not, you have finished the game, so we are safe from the asteroid, since the Space Game Boy destroyed it :D
For the musics I am happy that you like them, they were my first realizations on Game Boy, indeed (slightly), inspired ;) . Good luck for the results of the Jam :) .

Give me your email or send me one to mine so I can get yours. That I send you my prototype ;) .

No problem to share my images of course :) .
For the music it was of course a voluntary proposal, so without payment ;) .
I'll try to make a music that I'll see fit to your game before the end of the week, and I'll send it to you, if you don't like it don't use it I'll keep it for one of my future projects, no problem ;) .
I give you my mail : , send me a mail telling me you are the creator of "I look around" and I will send you this ;) .

I'm french , so il have no word in english for "stroboscopique" 😁.

No problem to take one or more pictures with the characters, I'll send it to you later today. Just it's a Game Boy DMG with IPS screen, so it's not the real screen of the original Game Boy :) .
For the musics, I made myself my first ones for my game of the Jam, and that requires really a lot of time, so if you need one for a future game, or even to complete this one, don't hesitate to contact me I could make one for you ;) .

I also know GB pic since very little time, but it's true that it's a practical software, even if I make mine with GIMP, with the Game Boy dedicated color palette ;) .

Thanks for the feedback, and yes I tried to render the photos as well as possible on a 160x144 resolution in 3 colors ;) .
As for the game, I had 2 types of reactions, either people love the "luck" and "guessing" side, or people don't like it, and it's probably because of the frustrating side if you don't have any luck as soon as the sequence 3 / 4 ...
So I will publish an update with 3 versions of the game (with clues for example) at the end of the Jam, but anyway I would not have had the time to develop all of them in only 7 days ...

If you want to see the end I made a youtube video of the longplay, with the solution below, if you want to do it yourself :) .

Thanks for the feedback :D

No problemo : my discord : bomberman90#6752

I really like the graphics of the game with the robot and it looks like a promising platform game. On the other hand totally unplayable on the original hardware with the slowdowns from the first enemy on the screen. So I did it on the browser, but some bugs too, especially on the life level, I sometimes started the level again after losing with only half of the hearts, and I got stuck in the level with the Egyptian eye, or an enemy didn't let me jump :( . I hope it will be a great game in the future, but it still needs some work :D . 

I'm usually pretty bad at this kind of game, so I ended up in game over really quickly :) . But I like the principle of taking care of the egg, it's different from the usual tamagotchi or pokemon :) . I saw that it was only a demo, and I hope that the project will progress as you wish ;) . Good luck. 

So I'm not a fan of rpg, but it's a pleasure to go through this one, but I didn't really understand my goal? I also recognized the musics for having used them myself in games :D , anyway for such an ambitious game it's complicated to do everything alone in 7 days ...  Good job ! 

So to play your game, I used my Everdrive from Krikzz, you put a micro SD card in it that contains the games, and off you go.
On the other hand I also have a "dumper" which allows you to flash a blank cartridge from the rom on the computer, it's a good solution for example to market your game. If you want a copy of your game one day, I can flash one for you (I've already done it for several developers), but I'm in France, so with the shipping costs, it may not be the ideal solution ;) Where are you from ?

So first of all the game works on a DMG, I don't really know how since it's a .gbc file, but anyway it works, (some slowdowns anyway) :D . Otherwise I also made it on GBC, since you indicate that it is its main version. Good platform game with a nice aesthetic, and a good sense of humor, a distant cousin of "Earthworm Jim" maybe :D But I didn't understand at all what to do with the boss, and I went to the Game Over twice :) . A few little bugs during the maze part too, but it must have been complicated to do, and good idea to use the "whey" for this part :D . Good luck for the Jam :) .

Really good for a first game! I also did this kind of thing to test Gb Studio at the beginning, with the same kind of assets :) . I liked the change of gameplay in the house, and the fact that we can choose the music at the beginning of the game! I don't know if it will stay a Jam project or if you plan to do more, it's very good anyway :) .

I really like the original use of the Game Boy, for this project, even if some people will ask the question of "game or book", I would say that it is a reading game ;) . It deserves a nice little soundtrack, but maybe it's a choice not to put one ? Can I know the software with which you made the drawings? 160x144 pixels I guess? Thanks for this original project, and good luck :) .

So, I confirm that it works perfectly on a GBC :) . You should think about putting a little note at the beginning of the game, or on the description to say that it doesn't work on a DMG, otherwise you risk disappointing people ;) . I liked the atmosphere of the game, with these corridors, and its quests of password, it reminded me "Deap Fear" on saturn, with the jump in time / sphere in more :) even if it's a bit repetitive. On the other hand the music is a little too repetitive, I don't know if that's why you put the option to cut it on the first computer of the game ? :) . Bravo and good luck for the Jam :)

Hello, no .gb file of the game?

I have a grey SP, but I find that the grip is not so good on a SP, but to each his taste :)

I liked feeding the 3 creatures, the game is not really complicated, but I saw that you were going to add levels, so difficulty I guess :) . I hope I fed them enough to keep my job :D. Good luck for the Jam ;) .

Not bad for a first game! I liked it, even if we can see some imperfections, but it's normal with a 7 days Jam :) . A big margin of progress between my 2 runs as you can see on the pictures ;) . As said in the comments, there is a little bug with the 2 portals that cross each other, once you take one, it does not move anymore, and sometimes the good one becomes inaccessible, stuck under the bad one ;) .

I test the game on Game Boy Dmg, but I have no text, is it a Game Boy Color only game?

The game is original and the principle is good, I managed to finish the hard mode, with its little movie calling for redemption :p . On the other hand, it's the first game of the Jam that I couldn't play on my original Game Boy, it's really slow, and impossible to move the pointer in time to show the thief, especially since the timer runs normally, I don't know if you did tests during the development, but it's still unplayable on original hardware, too bad :) .

the best without counting me ... I'm kidding it's the first time I made Game Boy music for the Jam :D

Merci beaucoup, pour revenir sur mon jeu, je vais apporter plusieurs modifications pour faciliter son ergonomie , après la jam bien entendu 😉.

Good game, all aspects are mastered, music, gameplay, graphics. Just a stromboscopic effect on my DMG with IPS screen when I walk and there are a lot of trees in the picture, but nothing bad! Very successful, and I took myself a little for a Swiss watchmaker during the repair phases! Bravo, and good luck for the Jam :) .


An excellent arcade game, the games are really short, I still managed to make 825 pts! The rotating system is well designed, but the bugs come a bit too fast from the start. The stone system is well done to avoid spinning by spamming the button! nice achievement :) .

Indeed it works much better :D

But I will test this on my GBC then :) . Indeed a little title screen that says you can't play it on DMG or pocket will be essential I think ;) .

Your game is really nice, I managed to finish it on my second run :) . The graphics are simple, but it's good that it changes, the music sticks perfectly to the atmosphere "lack of time" of the game, the tasks are diversified. I noticed a small display bug when the character passes in front of the time, and I thought that answering the questions wrongly was going to penalize me but no! I also liked the old person who told me his life, and made me lose a precious time, very realistic ! I also would have liked a button to restart the game, after my first run ;) . Good luck for the Jam :) .

So I understand the principle of the game which looks like a "snake", but as soon as there are two stones, when I take the first, I systematically lose, I tried 3 times, and I never exceeded the score of 5, did I miss something?