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Huh, I guess I missed that part. I delivered all the gifts and returned back to the sleigh. Where can I learn where the artifacts are coming from?

I just wanted to say thank you for organizing this jam and cheers to all the participants. I had lots of fun playing your games (and making one myself).

The puzzles and especially the lock and key mechanism gave me some Zelda vibes. I liked that all the rooms which seemed to be unnecessary on the way to the last chest had their use on the way back out.

Thanks for uploading the gb file as well, so I was able to play it on my GBA

A simple high score screen like the one in my game is not that hard to make. You need to store your score in a variable (and of course increase the value of the variable each time the player catches a present).

To get the value of the variable on the screen (outside of the dialog window) you use actors. You need three actors, one for each digit of your score (assuming your score can be between 0 and 999). The sprite for the actors has 10 frames, one for each number from 0 to 9.

Now you want to dissect your score into its ones, tens and hundreds digits. Therefore you copy your score to three new variables.

To get the hundreds digits just divide the first variable by 100 and then use this variable to set the animation frame of the first actor.

If the your score is greater than 100 you have to divide the second variable by ten and then modulo 10 to get the tens digits. If your score is smaller than 100 you just have to divide the second variable by 10 to get the tens digits. Then use the second variable to set the animation frame of the second actor

 For the ones digits modulo the third variable by 10 and then use it to set the animation frame of the third actor. 

And thats it. You can take a look into my project, just download it from GitHub: Its a bit simpler since my high score can't be over 54.

For a high score greater than 255 you have to store your score in a different way, since variables can't be greater than 255. But the display mechanism is the same.  

This was so much fun to play, although I'm really bad at Jump and Runs and thus only managed to deliver presents to 24 houses. The "chimney hitbox" could have been a bit bigger.

Thanks for uploading the gb file as well, so I was able to play it on my GBA

Nice collection of arcady mini games. I liked the grandma crossing the street best. What a freaky idea.

These type of puzzles are not my favorite game gerne, but it was nice to see how good something so different to the normal type of GBStudio games worked. 

The one I didn't quite get was the present fall. I collected some presents but I don't know what was the winning condition of the game. Was there a highs core or something like that I missed?

I needed some time to get used to the controls but after that I had fun playing. The Santa hoping down animation made me smile. Awesome music! Unfortunately not very christmassy, but still so amazing!

I would love to play this game, but I do not have a windows computer. Could you please upload the GameBoy Rom or the GBStudio web build? The artwork looks great and the gameplay sounds promising. 

Thanks for the feedback. An ingame manual is a great idea. I know that the controls are not on point and wish I would have been able to make them better, but I‘m really pushing the limits of the engine with this concept. So probably there is a reason why there are a lot more top down 2d story games😅