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Keyboard controls

A topic by Xom Adept created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 118 Replies: 7
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Hello everybody.

I have an advice to give to some of the developers. About the keyboard controls, more precisely about direction controls for characters.

Please use the up/down/left/right arrows, not the w/a/s/d keys.

In some countries, we do not have "qwerty" keyboards, but "azerty" (France), "qwertz" (Germany) or others (Italy, Portugal...). 

See the map at the top of this page :

So for example, I am French, and my keyboard is an "azerty".

Games with the wasd controls for directions are really awful to play for me, I am not used at all to these controls, and I keep making mistakes (with an azerty keyboard, zqsd would be OK).

I simply gave up playing some good games just because of this.

Anyway, I have not finished to play all the games, but except this problem on some of them (which is not a problem for everyone), all the games I played were great.

Congratulations to all of you.


I plead guilty. I did a change from arrow keys to WASD in the very last moment of yesterday because I couldn't solve the problem that arose (of course) when my "very custom engine" HTML5 game was played in an iframe on itch (I'm new to this place, should have registered earlier to be able to test out the problems). That is, of course the browser interprets the down key as scroll down the page. But I see that the Unity engine has been able to overcome this, so it should perhaps hopefully be possible for me to remedy the problem to allow arrow keys again, once the competition is over, that is. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It shouldn't be a problem in Haydenwoffle, all the keys used in gameplay are remapable ^^


@Xom Adept:  Thanks!   It's always good to be reminded that not everyone's keyboard looks the same.  And just to add to that, I actually mouse left handed, so even though my keyboard does have a WASD layout, it's kind of uncomfortable to use and I typically prefer the arrow keys.

@mnilsson:  'the browser interprets the down key as scroll down the page',  I have actually had this problem in HTML5 games before too.   :(

@Spring-Enterprises:  Now that's living the dream!  ;)

That's a good point. I actually try to use both, but I think Spring has the right idea to make the controls customizable.


Good advice.  I plead guilty as well.

I originally used arrow keys, but found out that many cheap keyboards (mine included) cannot handle Up and Left arrow key input at the same time, leaving me with 7 directional movement instead of 8.  I wanted to add key remapping in game, but it was low on the priority list and I ran out of time.

Next time, I will definitely prioritize key remapping higher to account for different keyboard layouts.

Thanks for the advice.


Lol, I will keep this in mind! 

Question, what do you use to play FPS if you do not have QWERTY keyboards?


Hello. Most of the time, I change the keys in the options and put "zqsd" instead of "wasd" or "up/down/left/right".

Or sometimes I use "up/down/left/right". 

Finally, I found a solution for the games of the jam which did not allow keys remapping : go into the "system parameters" of the operating system, change layout to QWERTY. So when I pressed "z", it was like if I pressed "w", and pressing "q" was like pressing "a".

So it was not that much a problem after all. Keys remapping in the game options would be appreciated, but not indispensable.

I am quite satisfied to see people became aware of this issue, though.