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Cool that you liked it!! 

In prototype versions, I had the deers accelerate even quicker when eating flowers, but then you kind of got punished in afterhand for decisions made earlier, which would potentially make people quit the game in confusion. 

Also, I kind of wanted that hypnotic sedative feeling of navigating through a maze, if you know what I mean, and a higher difficulty level tended to destruct the flow of that.

Well, yes, it's very inspired by pac man indeed, although I have reversed some of the mechanics… and the deers/ghosts don't kill you, so I would actually prefer to see it as a unique game of its own. ;) Hope you enjoyed it!

The lack of shotgun is intentional ;) But perhaps I should rethink the whole concept...

Cool presentation and nicely chosen music. But I didn't get very far, so for me personally the difficulty level was perhaps to high. Also unfortunately there was some flickering on the grid walls on my computer with Edge. But the general idea and look of it was nice, I Think.

I plead guilty. I did a change from arrow keys to WASD in the very last moment of yesterday because I couldn't solve the problem that arose (of course) when my "very custom engine" HTML5 game was played in an iframe on itch (I'm new to this place, should have registered earlier to be able to test out the problems). That is, of course the browser interprets the down key as scroll down the page. But I see that the Unity engine has been able to overcome this, so it should perhaps hopefully be possible for me to remedy the problem to allow arrow keys again, once the competition is over, that is. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It was not my intention to make it a difficult game, I wanted people to get to the later levels, and adjusted down parameters several times. So I hope you don't need to master the underlying deer mechanics to succeed. But in any case, they are only quasi-random so it should be possible to find repeatable patterns between plays of the same level. About the music -- yes I could probably have done something better. Hope it was at least acceptable in quality and did not deter from playing further.

I had a pleasant twenty minutes of immersion playing your game (once I read closer and realized I should hold down the right mouse button to collect, not just click it). The music was well picked, and the difficulty level was not too hard. The names and mottos of the soldiers were a nice touch. I look forward to if you decide to develop the game further.