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Not Your Typical Roll-A-Ball Game
Submitted by Treasured Oasis — 14 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#4942.6252.625

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice music and cool concept


Rated - Cool track!  It is challenging not to hit the landmines.  I had to try many times just to get past the first jump haha.  Good job finishing a game for the jam, hope you learned a lot!  Please check out my game when you have time.

Good day!

I finished level 1! :-) It's a good thing you make people happy when they finished the first level. I enjoyed the catchy tune also. I am curious what you think of the music in our game.


niiiiiiiiccee!!! You've given me hope that my game is actually beatable! Thanks very much!


The controls were a little sluggish. Otherwise good.

You can check out my game too


thanks Victorinkov!


This is another game that's doing its best to be unpleasant to play to the player in an arbitrary fashion. Collect all the coins? No. Collect none of the coins? No. Get to the end with some coins? No. It's a puzzle yes, but it assumes I have any interest in solving it despite it's insistence on having me repeat the same course over and over. I abandoned ship after a few attempts.

The graphics are a mix of primitives and simple models. Materials vary from generic coloured diffuses to textured ones, some cartoony, some more "realistic", like the mines. Some are exported with smooth faces, some not. I suspect this is part of the "lie" too. Well, it's not a very attractive one. :)

The music works well for the game, however, it restarts with every reload, which is a little jarring. There are no SFX that I could notice beside the exposions, which sound alright.

I had fun racing the ball, figuring out the quirky physics. Would have much preferred a different type of lying. One that doesn't involve this much repetition.


Is there really a way level 2 and 3 like in the images? I can't xD no way!

Controls are a bit hard tho.


lol! Yeah, there's a way. It's part of the lie. Once you figure it out, you can get to level 2. I tried to make the controls a bit loose so that making your way through the minefield would be a bit more difficult.

Thanks for playing my game!

Submitted (2 edits)

The controls are a little resistive.. Music is cool .. Great job !!

Edit : Check my game too and rate it ..


Thanks! Yeah, I tried to make the controls loose to make the game harder.




I have completed your game, as far i can say. I collected all coins and entered the goal. I didn't reach Level 2 or 3 like in the Screenshots you have take. It was nice to hop on top of the wall to avoid everything, except the "goal" itself :D

The music is very fitting and enjoyable.

I would love it, if you could try out my game as well =)


lol! That's funny b/c my son found out that if you hug the left wall, you can basically go all the way to the end...he's 4...


Maybe better to improve the move speed? since I felt like a boll is floating rather than rolling. Liked to play the classic type of but not typical game!


thanks Torano! I wanted the game to be a bit hard going through the mines, so I made the controls loose


Unfortunately I didn't go too far with the reverse controls...


lol. I guess they only work if you pass a coin!


Nice game - a breeze to play something 3D for a change :)


thanks! I can't do 2d. Glad you liked it!