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I finished level 1! :-) It's a good thing you make people happy when they finished the first level. I enjoyed the catchy tune also. I am curious what you think of the music in our game.

Nice! The view was a bit narrow and a semi transparent and smaller healthbar would enable me to see more of the level and what is happening around me. But I did manage to destroy a few enemies so definately learnable to play you game in a good way.

Thank you! The Doppler effect is strong in this one.

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Lair of the Mage. That's almost the title of our game to. Mage Lair. Apart from the similar titles they are quite different. What do you think about our game?

thanks! After the rating period is over we will update the game with a bugfix for that.

I liked the 8-bit audio. Unforgiving controls made me stop quickly. I wander what you think og our game!?

Lots of nice details added

I got stuck quickly. I missed some help screen for the controls?

That was funny

Totally impressed with the character animations. We tried to do something similar with the eyes of our characters and enemies but I completely love your character.

Nice set of effects. I only whished the controls would be a bit more intuitive

Impressive artwork for the main thumbnail


cut grass

removed dirt


remove sand


find gold

don't press the red button!

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Me neither

Graphics - check

animations - check

the rest - next time

Nice idea but having to look of-action doesn't work for me.

I got stuck

Nice Anagrams! We found the same - what do you think of our game?

Thank you! With the smaller Blob you also apply less damage.

The idea here is to do a wall jump so you move to the wall on the right and keep jumping while pressing the right arrow key


I had the feeling this was rather buggy unfortunately

Nice idea and solid hadle on the theme as well. 

I loved how Key Defence was different from most other games during the gamejam. thanks!


Thanks, I enjoyed playing just a circus!

Thanks. Very nicely done back to the basics of the genre

Nice puzzles. Thanks for the fun

Beautiful execution of an alternative platformer

Very nice execution of a basic game

I loved the buildup

A bit more effort would have been nice

Thanks for this nice little game. The first one I found that stayed very close to the theme of the gamejam.

Beautiful and with great controls. A little gem!

Thank you - good to hear!

This gamejam was a good moment to experiment with the 2d/3d layering. We are happy with the result and think we could take it further on a next project.

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Thanks!! Our first gamejam and our first comment is a positive one. So cool! Please consider rating Mage Lair on

Did you spot our "the game is a liar" angle when you press escape in game?

And did you notice that the sound/music changes based on what is happening in the game and per level too?