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Treasured Oasis

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niiiiiiiiccee!!! You've given me hope that my game is actually beatable! Thanks very much!

thanks Victorinkov!



aaahhhh....i got it! ;) nice first game

good job!

Nice, simple concept, but made it difficult! good job!

thanks! I can't do 2d. Glad you liked it!

lol. I guess they only work if you pass a coin!

thanks Torano! I wanted the game to be a bit hard going through the mines, so I made the controls loose

lol! That's funny b/c my son found out that if you hug the left wall, you can basically go all the way to the end...he's 4...

Thanks! Yeah, I tried to make the controls loose to make the game harder.

lol! Yeah, there's a way. It's part of the lie. Once you figure it out, you can get to level 2. I tried to make the controls a bit loose so that making your way through the minefield would be a bit more difficult.

Thanks for playing my game!



only my second game made. Thanks for asking about solo devers!

wonder if anyone made a game about this

dont really have a therapist, but seriously, who else is trying to throw massive curve balls to the people who'll play the game?

Hey FluffyPanda's World! Thanks for checking out my game and giving me feedback! I heard from a lot of people that they had the same problem as you with the screen lag. I'm in the process of making some big performance changes and will include this in my next video. Hope you'll play the game when I make the changes and check out the video. Thanks again!