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Thanks buddy

Maybe better to improve the move speed? since I felt like a boll is floating rather than rolling. Liked to play the classic type of but not typical game!

You're welcome. Love to play fellow's games!

How can I play it? cannot open the .rar file.

It took some time to figure out what is really a lie. Interesting idea!

me too!

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I made my game open source(MIT) for the very first time! Hope you like it, Thanks.

Thanks for you feedback! I put that color since it makes a player feel a little weird since it is LIAR mode, but it might not be good because that mode is played for most time. May change it. 

Love it. I really enjoyed though I personally I liked quicker move.

I don't think it is just 3-days quality. Well done!

Thank you!

Thanks man


Thanks. Hmm that’d be better. 

Ok ok I will try to do as much as possible. 

Well designed! I couldn't find bad parts.

31! my brain reached the limitation of my concentration after 25...

Thanks man.

Simple but difficult game though I love to try to get what is Uso! This game made me try again and again.

Is there a goal or something?

You too! thanks a lot.

Thanks for you guys! I will definitely play them all and rate it after some sleep(It is 5AM now in Japan lol)

Beautiful! and I really love the art style.

Thanks! Honestly, I am not good at it eigher though I love it!

Any? If you are, then share your game here! I'd love to play it!

I also share mine:

I made almost everything in the game by myself(though I got a little help with music by my mom because I didn't have enough time for that)

Please check my Tetris out:


I made TETRIS! I am satisfied by the effect around tetrominoes, but not with sound, background, and UI. I really wanted more time for them.

TETRIS for browser.

I have run some game jams but for the first time in, and I definitelly enjoyed that! 


I implemented Super Rotation System so you can do T-Spin etc!

Yeah, about the i Tetromino I didn't get if it is better to drop the other part so it doesn't float, and at last I decide i is just put like that.

Thanks for playing!

I am sorry about control, I forgot to put how to play...

ZX for rotation, space for hold, up arrow for hard drop.

Yes, what I used most time for is material and effect. But unfortunatelyI didn't have enough time for background and UI.


What about making a game about the word "LIAR" itself, not a game about lies or liars? As an example, I am going to make tetris using "L", "I", "A", "R" blocks.

Such as UniRx (Reactive Extensions for Unity) and Zenject(dependency injection framework). They make my scripting easier, and also better. Are they considered as "the ones that don't contribute to the game itself but make the workflow easier"?

I think it is ok to use a generator. 

I’ll keep it in mind.  Thanks. 

Love that because I can make Famcom-like musics with it! Thanks.

Looks good. I will try it too.

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Thanks for your replying. 

Other guy suggested Bfxr which is said an elaboration of the glorious Sfxr. Do you know which I should use as a beginner?