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Bricks, Balls and Debris
Submitted by FATE rev:eng (@fateapps) — 3 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#5322.5562.556

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Really liked the concept of the game, felt that it could use some audio hehe, it is really cool, congrats :D


Thanks! I like the color scheme of "Hello Player" - is this like a Stanley Parable platformer? Very cool!


Almost like that i even reference stanley parable in the game kk



Hey ! I almost did it !!! I really like this concept, well done :D



I'm mac only but I took a look at your games and I want to try them out

your game to the moon - do you have to play tetris to load up on materials? if so, that's awesome!

and the graphics for Morphis are amazing, well done! you have a great inventive ideas for games



Thank you !

Indeed this is what you have to do in "To the moon" !

For now I have never made a game for mac but maybe in the future I will manage to do so (I tried for this game jam but it is really complicated without owning a mac)

Thank you for your kind comment, it makes me very happy :D


That is really innovative, making the game to collect resources an actual game (and a skill game at that)

I love it! great thinking - very few people have that kind of mindset, you're on the right path - hope to play them soon!



1) Little bug: The ball was so fast that it went through my brand new paddle.

2) Experience: After first try I began thinking that first level was unbeatable, and after 10 tries I gave up. That is -i believe- something you should avoid from happening :) 

3) Adherence to theme was almost null

4) I really liked the effects. Did you use a spring in each piece attached to the letters?


Thanks for your input! There is a paddle speed issue on windows that you fix with hitting minus, but I've not seen the ball go too fast to break physics, I set it to a speed limit, maybe there was a frame skip, I'll keep an eye out on it!

>  I began thinking that first level was unbeatable


> Adherence to theme was almost null

... think about that a little more! ;)

I'll check that speed bug, I played it 30-40 times on windows and mac myself and it always obeyed the speed limits with me - the idea of the game is, of course, that it's impossible to complete (since you destroy yourself)

The letters are just cubes with their renderers turned off, angles just right with some more hidden dividers to about 1/3 of the debris hits each letter


Oh........ I feel so dumb now. 😁 Sorry, I don't know why I was so sure there was a 2nd level. Forget what I said.  Adherence to theme was great then. Great idea.

Now I'm gonna buy a piece of cake, since I didn't got the promised one. 😉 


No worries - I was split between making it clearer or letting people realize themselves that they are destroying their own bat as they play (it's a mini version of the level)

if you get far enough you can see the message. I will look out for that bug and fix the settings if I add more to this!



The paddle controller is imprecise. Pressing left or right makes it slide in that direction until it comes to a stop. In a precision based game like this one, it makes it nearly impossible to play effectively.

The debris hits the ball, causing unpredictability. When you break an object, change the layer of the debris and the set the layer up to not collide with the ball.

The ball will frequently rebound in incomprehensible ways. Did not enjoy that.

Couldn't / didn't want to get past level one due to the controls.

The art style, which simple, is coherent, which I appreciated.

Restarting the scene resets your mouse sensitivity setting, which is silly. The mouse is severely over sensitive. This is compounded by the problem of the slidy pad.

I didn't see how the theme was hit at all.


Thanks for your feedback

you can use mouse control on the paddle for more precision, I agree the keys should less floaty

> The debris hits the ball, causing unpredictability

That's the point, I even had the ball reflect and bounce off the debris, which made it zigzag up to the next layer, but I switched that off, made the ball super heavy and the Debris the right weight.

Now it bounces the debris out of the way, but you have to keep your paddle clear!

> Couldn't / didn't want to get past level one

;) that's the point

The mouse issue is on Windows, I developed this in 90 minutes on Mac, then added a minus / plus for paddle last minute, as the only windows machine I have has a weird mouse with multiple DPIs and settings for "enhanced precision" and other stupid stuff, so I couldn't be sure if other windows machines would have the same speed up, but yeah it's a bug, tap minus a few times - job done!

> I didn't see how the theme was hit at all.

it's a breakout clone where's you're destroying your own bat in a futile attempt to win, the more you try the more you lose, until you fail, always, and the debris spells out why


I gave it a shot. I like the easter egg. Couldn't get past the first level, i'm not good at breakout. But i like the physics remix of a classic game. I thought it was interesting with the paddle also braking and the side bar thingys. That's a fresh spin on things. Some sound could really liven it up, but i didn't get much sound in my game also so i cant criticize. Good job overall.


Thanks! (I would love to try your game but I am mac only right now!)

I do really like the screenshots tho!


Nice game! Great concept too.


Thanks, I replied to you elsewhere I think (or replies aren't showing up) but I played your game and it was great! Lots of ways that could be taken forward too

(1 edit)

cade o pooling mermao


no hay pooling!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice!  Love these block breaker style games.  The shattering pieces are cool.  The ball drilling down through the bricks only when it comes from above is a great touch.  The only thing that feels wonky is the control of the pad.  Moves a bit too quick for me.  I try to stay calm but I end up flying around with it, lol.  And btw, I only ever made it far enough to spell out most of the lie!

Developer (1 edit)

THANK YOU for the kind words, it was a quick spur of the moment idea - I built it on mac, tested it (and saw the pointer problem, fixed it a _little_ on windows) - hopefully you can try the new download:

EDIT: I fixed the paddle issue - go to

and check out the new download!


it's tolerable!


I fixed the paddle issue - go to

and check out the new download!



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