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Comments on 'Mushroom Hunt'

A topic by 8bitAG created Sep 21, 2019 Views: 159 Replies: 18
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The graphics are just amazing in this game. Really love the style. 


The graphics are indeed profoundly amazing.

That said the screen scaling makes it very small on my screen (1920 x 1200). On a 4K screen this might appear tiny.

Full snap should maintain the proper pixel scaling (on non magnified screens) so I'm interesting in your settings here.


The graphics are indeed very good, but what about the game? From what I can make out, there are 10 mushrooms that can be found. Some are good and some are bad. You need three good ones to make the soup. I have found five so far:

  • russet mushroom
  • indigo mushroom
  • tall mushroom
  • striped mushroom
  • broad fungus

I know that two of these are definitely bad (from the book) and one is definitely good (again, from the book) and two of the others appear to be suspect (from trial and error making the soup). So I think I still need to find two good mushrooms. Any ideas?

I think I need to cut through some brambles, but I think I need some shears to do it. The obvious place is the grass under the post, but nothing I try works there. I'd also like to remove the vines from the statue. And is there any way to get to the village?

All in all, there are a hell of a lot of things to examine, a lot of reading to do and not much else . . . yet.

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Yep, the shears make a lot of difference when you find them. You are looking around the correct place. I've been able to make a zero toxicity soup now. Think I've still only got 6/10 mushrooms, though.

Some interesting, dark themes, running through the game. The multiple endings are interesting, especially with the hints as to what else you can try.

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The sequence in the cave is cool, as is the extra little graphic... Nice throwback gaming reference.


Hooray! I found two more mushrooms - golden mushroom and skinny mushroom - and Granny made a beautiful mushroom soup.

This was a frustratingly tedious game, beautifully written, but oh so many things to examine. It seems that you have to examine some things in a certain order. In the case of the grass, I had examined it several times and then, out of the blue, I examined it again and found the item that I desperately needed. There's no logic to this. Now I have to go back and find out what I did or what I examined that triggered the successful examination of the grass.

In at least two locations, examining something will reveal multiple things and you have to examine all of those things to find a hidden mushroom, as the mushroom is hidden at random. You might not notice this unless you play the game several times and take careful notes.

I haven't found the sequence in the cave with the extra graphic, so I'll have to go back and look for that. Was it related to the ceiling? I was careful not to poke around with that, as I didn't want it collapsing on me.

Now, on to the next game . . .


It was related to the ceiling, yes. 


I just need to find one more mushroom for the full set! I made the good soup with the golden mushroom but I'm tempted to experiment with some dodgy mushrooms as well :D


At one point I was thinking that Granny probably deserved a fully toxic soup.


Indeed! It seems you have to eat it too though :D


Can you give me a hint to mushrooms 8 and 9?

Deleted 118 days ago

There's one in the really thorny area (near a tree) and one in the gate area. You need the helpful item to find both of these.


Nine... So, where is that final one?



Those are the ones I've got as well. Will keep hunting!


Thought I'd already checked where Polyducks told me to look, but obviously not... all ten... 


Okay. I give up. I have systematically written down every single noun in every single message in this game, then examined every one of them (both singular and plural) and tried to cut everything even remotely cuttable. I have spent hours and hours doing this over several sessions. I know it's not needed for the soup, but where the hell is the squat mushroom?


It's a tricky game because quite often you need to do things in a certain order, to trigger responses that otherwise don't work. 

I'm not sure if you need to examine the bees at the location by the cave first... but this is the path to the squat mushroom at the scratchy/thorny path.


Thanks for that. So you have to start that sequence by examining something that's not there. Sheesh.

I have now found all 10 mushrooms and determined their toxicity as follows:

  • Broad fungus (0)
  • Golden mushroom (0)
  • Inky mushroom (0)
  • Squat mushroom (0)
  • Striped mushroom (0)
  • Russet mushroom (25)
  • Indigo mushroom (50)
  • Polkadot mushroom (75)
  • Skinny mushroom (100)
  • Tall mushroom (125)

So, as you can see, there are 5 mushrooms that you can use to make a safe soup and the polkadot, skinny and tall mushrooms make the most toxic soup, resulting in "You created the most poisonous soup possible and paid the price." Ha, ha, ha. Take that Granny!

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Well, the bees are mentioned in the location that's to the east. If you examine them it tells you where they are coming from (the location to the west), so that's how you know where to look to the beehive.