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The graphics are indeed very good, but what about the game? From what I can make out, there are 10 mushrooms that can be found. Some are good and some are bad. You need three good ones to make the soup. I have found five so far:

  • russet mushroom
  • indigo mushroom
  • tall mushroom
  • striped mushroom
  • broad fungus

I know that two of these are definitely bad (from the book) and one is definitely good (again, from the book) and two of the others appear to be suspect (from trial and error making the soup). So I think I still need to find two good mushrooms. Any ideas?

I think I need to cut through some brambles, but I think I need some shears to do it. The obvious place is the grass under the post, but nothing I try works there. I'd also like to remove the vines from the statue. And is there any way to get to the village?

All in all, there are a hell of a lot of things to examine, a lot of reading to do and not much else . . . yet.