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Avoid big circles, collect coins, and stay alive!
Submitted by Inanimate Carbon Rod — 21 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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really good! I love how the music matches the particles. The lack of sound effects was a little sad but it's overall really nice! 5/5 for me :)


Reminds me of the good old days :3 Well done!


Really like the concept for this game! It's so simple but it was a lot of fun! Though I did find there were dare I say it too many particles. Having the particles appear when the circles spawn and when they disappear isn't great. If you had kept it to when they spawn you could instantly have a warning. The art is so simple but I love it. Great job overall! (Also I love the way the enemies spawn on beat with the music. If this is not a feature you should make it one lol)

  • Theme: Love the concept. Really good.
  • Audio: The only audio we have is the music. IMO the circles appearing and disappearing could have sound. even diferent colors to have diferent sounds. Then it'd be excellent.
  • Visuals: No complains here. Perfect!
  • Gameplay: I enjoyed. IMO could have another shop item to boost movement speed. The only annoy thing is that i can't collect the yellow balls if i activate the shield. Would be nice if i could destroy the other circles if i touch them if the shield, but the shield would be used and disappear. Even a special "collectable" if destroy for example the red circle.

Congratulations on the game.

Very simple and enjoyable. Cheers.


I really like the idea! Game is fun to play, though I think ti should be a bit more challenging at the beggining. You might add screenshake for more fun experience. Art is simplistic, but I like it. It's very clear. Great submission!

Can you try my game too and rate it?



What I like:

- The way the game fits the theme. I think this is the first 5/5 I give to the Theme thing lol

- The menu. Really cool menu. Good job!


- The music should not restart when you die. Blackthornprod tutorial on how to do that here.

- Add SFX and screenshake.

- Add multiple coins instead of just one. Maybe two coins?

- Do not add particles (/partycles) when the player picks up a coin. It made me think it'd spawn a circle there.

What I think could improve:

- The music. I don't quite like it... Sorry...

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Wow! Thank you for all of this advice! I do agree I could make some improvements to the game music. Thank you for pointing out the particles for picking up a coin, I understand that it may be a little confusing.


I did not meant the menu music, I meant the menu itself... It is really good!


This is a really cool arcade game!  I think it would be better if you grew in size after getting the coins similar to!


Thank you for your feedback! I was thinking about coins increasing player size but the main goal of the game is to stay alive. Getting bigger makes it easier to get killed, therefore coins would be avoided instead of collected. I wanted the game to gradually get harder over time and the player to try to get coins.


Pretty fun concept!