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Thanks xD

Hey hey hey! I found the concept of your game really interesting but I think you can improve the execution just bit. I found a few places in the levels where I couldn't see the linking cubes because there was a platform in the way or something else was blocking it. I also found the camera angle to be kind of weird at times, but in general it's a good submition!

Hey! Absolutelly loved this game, I only have a few tweaks / suggestions that I would make.

The locking mechanic was slightly annoying, it's essetial but the way it functioned was annoying. I think maybe by just moving the character with the arrow keys it should unlock it.

Also having some kind of visual clue telling the player if the avatar is locked or not.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll be sure to implement it :D

Hey hey hey! Your graphics look so nice! The concept is really simple and every is so sleek. As mentioned below some of the colours are really similar making it a bit hard to differentiate.

It took me a bit to noticed the links were shrinking, and that's what made the links snap.
I don't think the timer is the best way to approach this either. I think it would 'have been better if you just made a level select screen, instead of having the timer reset you every time.

Hope this helps!

Finally, a worthy opponent. Expect to see a higher score within the next week! xD

Thanks for the feedback! And I already did! ;)

I did but I struggled a lot with it. I think it's just a lack of skill on my part because a lot of other people seem to like this game. But as I said, the gameplay just feels slow and unresponsive, but the graphics and music are amazing!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I had some slower acceleration before but the way I had coded the dash ability it messed it up, and because it was a game jam I didn't feel like going through my code for hours trying to figure out how to fix it. Happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! Btw there is signaling telling you when the enemy is going to move. It grows and then a second later deflates and dashes at you. Thanks for the feedback and I'm happy you enjoyed my game!

I think this is really well done! Though my non epik gamer self was not able to get past level 1... But yeah! Great job!

Very cool game! I liked the graphics and the limited "Space". Gameplay was nice aswell! This is a very well done submission!

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Very nice game! Though It took me a while to figure out how to kick people out once they were done drinking. I think something such as Space or Enter would work better.

Come check out my game if you have the chance! :D

I think it's a cool concept but the game needs a lot of polish. Getting the items through the door was just annoying to me it wasn't fun. And I wish the character was faster. The art looks great but you still have some work to do to make this fun in my opinion. I just don't find it very fun in my opinion.

Overall though because of the art and music and how well the game fit the theme I think this is a pretty good game!

Really well done! I think the audio had a problem though where it would loop and start a new track at the start of each level. Also you should make it automatically move you to the next level when you win.
Overall great submission!

Feedback time!

Screenshake felt glitchy
Have a  restart button (It might be R and I just didn't notice)
Make it clear what your current block is and were it would be placed if you had space
Tetris theme and stuff worked really well
Colour palette was very nice

Overall great puzzle game!

Hey! Here is my feedback!

The art looks blurry (Set the filter to point)
Text is blurry (Use TextMeshPro)
I like the concept of adventuring through video games but you should make all the art the same resolution in everything. For example (if you had more time) you could make it so that in the Mario level your player's sprite changes to fit the Mario style better.

The idea is nice! But I would add a bit more space per level, so that you have a bit more options on what to do.
Dying at the end of the longer levels is really annoying.

Love the way you implemented the theme.

Overall it's a pretty nice game! Especially since you've only been developing for 3 weeks! Good luck in your next jam!

(If you could check out my game that would be great! :D)

lol No problem!

Really like the concept for this game! It's so simple but it was a lot of fun! Though I did find there were dare I say it too many particles. Having the particles appear when the circles spawn and when they disappear isn't great. If you had kept it to when they spawn you could instantly have a warning. The art is so simple but I love it. Great job overall! (Also I love the way the enemies spawn on beat with the music. If this is not a feature you should make it one lol)

Thanks for the feedback! The theme implementation is that you don't have much space to move around. And I would've added a tutorial but I didn't have time to add a new page and everything, so it's just in the game description for now.

Thanks for the feedback! (Just making sure you know about "Space" to dash :D)

No problem!

Thanks for the feedback! And yes... That is a very good highscore! I'll add the scoring points after death to known bugs cause that is not supposed to happen.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to check it out when I can!

Thank you!


Thanks! I wanted to add a tutorial/guide but! I ran out of time...

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you had fun!

Thanks! Will do!

I'm going to be blunt with my feedback here.

First the things you did right (In my oppinion)
- You have an options menu in case someone wants to mute the music and sounds
- Your game concept was really simple which should give you a lot of time for art and sounds

Things you might want to work on
- You should choose colours that go well together. There are a lot of websites you can use to get/make colour palettes.  (

- The screen was zoomed in a bit too much in my oppinion which did not give me nearly enough time to react.

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its cool

Thanks for the feedback! I am planning to keep working on the game after the jam so I will keep all of this in mind! :D

So... I might have a highscore of 130729.

Let's gooooo 34062 babyyyy


Thanks for the feedback!

Had a lot of fun playing this game! Awesome job! One comment though... Enemies seem to apear out of midair which turns the game into trial and error i would have had a lot more fun with just knowing where the enemies are.

Had a lot of fun playing! As the comment below mine says being able to heal the control panels would be great for a longer game.

No problem!