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Nice game i played with my siblings and it was a lot of fun but i don't see how this fits with the theme


ok. cool.

i can't get the game started how do i start the game i press q, z, p, and / but its not starting.

I LOVE THIS GAME like a lot of people have said the controls are a bit wierd but the art and animations are great the wall jumping mechanic was a bit hard to understand but i got the hang of it also something that i would add is checkpoints i found it anoying to restart every time that i die. Great job.

I agree with everything you just said.

I liked the game but i feel like you should be able to skip the tutorial or have a seperate tutorial button

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it would not let me go past level 2

Thanks :)

I did have trouble with that.

Thanks for the feedback.



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Thank you for the feedback i tryed adding a score but it kept giving me errors also i forgot to mension it but you can hold down the space bar to stop spinning until you let go. Thank you for hosting th event too i have to say i did realy enjoy doing my first game jam and it was not to hard for me but i still learned alot from it. One last thing i am 12 and french so that might explain some of the spelling.

Thanks for the feedback.


oh sorry then.

I forgot to put this in the howw to play on the page but if you hold space it stops the cart and then when you let go it changes the food. I was also going to have 5 food to pick from but then i realized how hard it was so i lowered it to 4. Thanks for the feedback.

Since this is my first jam i ran out of time for foodcart animations and background music. I hope you enjoyed it though.

I forgot to list this in the rules but if you held the space button you would stop spinning untill you let go and then once you let go it would change the food.

Thank you for the feedback to be honest i did not think of doing that and it would of probably gave me more time for the soundtrack and foodcart animations.

also this is my first game jam so i'm happy to see that you liked it.

I Will be sure to respond to any feed back i get

Things That I Liked- I Enjoyed playing this game it was fun the idea that you could go on walls was amazing to me i enjoyed the dissicion to either stay on the wall i was on and get those points or go to the other wall and get those points. the highscore is a great idea i was not able to expirience it as it took over 10 minutes to load then i stopped playing this game.

Things i would change or add- i Understand that some of these features you might not have had time to add i wanted to add more features to my game but ran out of time so i posted it. but collectibles would be realy cool. also changig colour as the level gets harder and harder

Just to be clear i am not a judge i am someone that is playing every jam game and is giving them a rating depending on my oppinion


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Things That I Liked- GRAPHICS!!!!! wow your graphics are so cute its so easy to control its fun its easy to understand great  game overall

Things i would change or add- i found that the CPU was a bit too good it felt like he was stronger and knew my every move.

Just to be clear i am not a judge i am someone that is playing every jam game and is giving them a rating depending on my oppinion


Things That I Liked- cool game idea

Things i would change or add- to be honest the textures are not great and there all different styles the player the tree the hearts the font the ghosts if you made all of them in the same art style it would look a lot better. It also happened to me that i would press the right arrow but the ghost di not die so its a bit glitchie.

Just to be clear i am not a judge i am someone that is playing every jam game and is giving them a rating depending on my oppinion


Things That I Liked-This is a good game it is quite oniriginal but still very fun.  the Graphics are realy nice. i Enjoyed that the ship texture would change depending on how much damage. 

Things i would change or add- i found that it was a bit hard to kill a space ship without taking any damage. the direction switching was a bit confusing but i understand that you only had 2 buttons i also made a game.

Just to be clear i am not a judge i am someone that is playing every jam game and is giving them a rating depending on my oppinion


Its a cool concept but i had trouble understanding what was going on i did not know what to do if i was in a corner and the combat realy confused me. Great audio though

just to be clear i am not a judge i am just someone playing and rating every jam game acoording to my oppinion


I love it its a great game i realy enjoyed playing  it i love the art style the curved effect the meteorites except i was not able to figure out what shift did.  also what is that giant white circle.

overall i don't think there is anything rong with this game

Just to be clear i am not a judge i'm just playing every jam game and giving them a ratin out of 10


I agree with everything you said 0/10

The concept is not the most original but i like it the infinite runner is fun but making the player a cockroach i think is what makes this game unique. i also love the cute graphics that you made it made me keep playing this game for a while longer. The shoe also caught me offguard and gave me a good laugh. 

i did find that sometimes when i would click one of the arrows it did not work and that i had to double or even triple click im not a judge but i'm still going to give you a rating


I realy like it

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Nice game. i think the movement in this is inovative its fun smooth and requires reflex. the graphics are also realy nice i enjoyed playing this game.

Something that i would change or add would be showing how to shoot in the tutorial.


ok thank you

Very Creative way to use 2 buttons i also realy like the graphics good choice of music too.

the only thing that i would change is making the player be able to move in both directions depending on where you click on the screen. but other than that GREAT game


i realy like it

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i was not able to figure out how to play so give some instructions please because i love the graphics but as i said i presssed every button on my keybord and clicked with my mouse and nothing happened


you can add instruction and then i would play again.

i can't figure out how to play

Nice game i love the graphics and the music maybe just make it a bit less hard i found myself getting stuck in a couple places but other than that great game i am going to give a rating if thats ok