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Don't let them take your treasure!! You need that for interest payments.
Submitted by alexjgriffith (@GameDev4You) — 3 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Entertainment - How enjoyable/replayable is it?#14.0004.000
Creativity - How original is the idea?#14.4294.429
Presentation - How does it look/feel?#34.0004.000

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great job; the quips really help add a lot of character and make you care more about the game.

I took a look at the source and I believe this has the distinction of being the largest public Fennel codebase in the world; congrats!


That is good to know, though it may be the worst example of how to utilize the language. So much code repetition from last minute changes on Sunday night.


Very nice work! I love the little details!


Thanks! At around 10pm on Sunday I was playing through for the first time and thought the game was a little flat. I think the quips really helped.

Submitted (1 edit)

Note: Windows version may be missing a font file -- none of the text shows up.

Windows 7, LOVE2D 11.1


Will check it out! Did you use the windows release or the manual release?

Developer (1 edit)

I tried it on my windows 10 machine using both the binary and the .love and had no issues. I will see if I can test the out on a windows 7 computer tomorrow. I had tested it previously on windows 7 and the binary had worked.


I tried both. Thanks for looking. I can see the white lines that appear around the menu entries, and move those around, but the text is either missing or the same colour as the background. 

Thanks for checking!


I tried it out on windows 7 and had no issues :/ not sure what could be going on.


The common factor may be LOVE... I should try to put together something simple that just displays text. Maybe that will pinpoint it.


The repo for the submission is here:

If other submissions are working (Technomancy's & Jakob's) then i dont think it's love. It might be the font. Try cloning it and replacing the mali font with something else.

I'll upload a couple alternate open fonts tonight and add a keybinding to cycle between them.


No, the other LOVE entries seem to be giving me text/font trouble as well. I can run the LOVE executable by itself and get the "NO GAME" message, which I presume is using fonts, but it doesn't work with actual games.

I just tried a Visual Novel(ette) that I wrote with Lua a while back. It's using completely bog standard fonts, but it's not showing any text with LOVE 11.2 either. LOVE 10.2 works fine, font-wise, but won't run any of your cool modern games. : ( So this is definitely the fault of my setup. I will try to either fix or get another computer so I can test things properly before the deadline.



This is the opposite of the normal trend, i.e., things not working on Linux :/


This one gets my vote for #1, excellent work! I dig the story, and the name generation and the comments that the characters make gives it a lot of charm.


Thank, they are my favorite parts too, and they almost didn't make it in! I was play testing a few hours before the jam closed and found the game rather flat. Solution; name the Heroes and give the slimes some quips. It took 30 min. They were by far the easiest thing to add.


If you are having problems making it to 20,000 coins check out the section on combat in the project description. I've copied it below.


Each hero has an attack and a defense represented by a A/D over their heads. The attack indicates how many strikes they can deal out each tick. These strikes are dealt out at random to all engaged slimes. The defense indicates how many slimes they can defend against before they start taking damage. Make sure that you always have more slimes attacking a hero than its defense.