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The repo for the submission is here:

If other submissions are working (Technomancy's & Jakob's) then i dont think it's love. It might be the font. Try cloning it and replacing the mali font with something else.

I'll upload a couple alternate open fonts tonight and add a keybinding to cycle between them.

No, the other LOVE entries seem to be giving me text/font trouble as well. I can run the LOVE executable by itself and get the "NO GAME" message, which I presume is using fonts, but it doesn't work with actual games.

I just tried a Visual Novel(ette) that I wrote with Lua a while back. It's using completely bog standard fonts, but it's not showing any text with LOVE 11.2 either. LOVE 10.2 works fine, font-wise, but won't run any of your cool modern games. : ( So this is definitely the fault of my setup. I will try to either fix or get another computer so I can test things properly before the deadline.


This is the opposite of the normal trend, i.e., things not working on Linux :/