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It actually took me a while to get used to them as well... Maybe I can handle mice inputs for the "Director's Cut"! ; - )

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking a look!

Yeah, I have kind of this weird thing where I have to write a new custom game "engine" for each go at the jam. However this one is pretty solid (for what it does) so maybe next time I can just convince myself to use it but with a different concept... Eh. Who am I kidding? ; - )

I had a story and all mapped out for this thing, but (as you suspected) ran out of time to finish. The 1.0.3 update (that didn't quite finish compiling in time for me to slip it in) just has character headshots to go with the conversations. However, I would like to finish it properly, so maybe check back if you have a chance later?

Thanks for taking a look!

I don't really have the reflexes for this, but it looked sharp and worked very well! Really nice to see Lisp working with Godot.

Really like your level editor! ; - ) And the character switching mechanic is cool too!

Thanks for trying it out! I would say that the water tile is what you might call a "happy accident"... If you look at the %tileset.png you'll see where I did some walls for the classroom (second row). They certainly didn't match up as well! ; - )

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Hope you find it interesting! Let me know if anything's not clear -- I didn't have the chance to do a very complete spec this time around... Thanks for taking a look!

Very nice so far! (Just did the intro mission, but it's late...)

My map editor is also my text editor! ; - )

Maybe I can do a map editor next time...

The respect and regard of your peers! ; - )

Thanks very much for taking the time and making the effort  to take a look at it! I appreciate your determination to see it and I'll try to have something more aesthetically rewarding next time!

Thanks for trying it out!

Sorry, the empty lines are actually where I was trying to paste the code in the comment -- there weren't any blank lines in the code I was actually using. It seems comments has difficulty with code formatting. But if JUMP has problems, that would explain what happened!

Thanks for giving it a try! I wish I'd had time to do more than just a demo...

I'm familiar with OBJ from waaaaaay back, so it was pretty straightforward. Since pict3d has material support, I want to figure that out too -- if you look at my .blend file, you'll see that not everything is gray!

I appreciate you taking the time to make it run on your system -- I really need to figure out how to do compiles for multiple architectures at some point... Right after I figure out textures, and sound, and... ; - )

As far as I know, there is no way (at this point) to texture things. This guy wanted to do it as well, and was starting to come to the conclusion that it might be easier to just use OpenGL directly. I'm not /quite/ there yet (being able to import from Blender helped a lot), but it's a pretty basic feature and it's frustrating not to have it.

Like the IDE! Kept getting JUMP label doesn't match when trying to do something like this:


Note, level restart didn't reset on win or lose. Thanks!

Lots of nice features! Like the idea of progress that persists beyond death. Also thanks for giving me enough starting health that I could enjoy the game before I got completely clobbered...

Like the procedural asteroids and lighting effects! Also plan to borrow your full screen code... ; - )

Note that on my machine, colour on the [3] key (yellow) didn't want to initialize for some reason. All the others worked fine, but for that one I got big black squares instead of bullets...

Thanks very much!

I see that you ran into a similar issue for showing text in pict3d... I found the die-cut library which I hoped could be used for text, but couldn't make it work in time... I think if you want a proper overlay, it might be necessary to render to canvas, the overlay that...

A little late for in-progress, but just to throw something in...

Assets modeled in Blender, imported into Racket pict3d with my homegrown Wavefront importer!

One thing I've observed about games is that often they're very data heavy with relatively simple logic, even if it looks sophisticated when you're playing it. This one (as submitted to the jam) could probably be at least 20-30% shorter, but I kind of spazzed out at the last minute getting the placement menu logic working...

Thanks for checking it out!

Please do a pull request/patch if you come up with anything good! ; - )

I would very much have liked to do music, even off-the-shelf royalty-free needle drop can add a lot to the ambience. However, Racket out of the box is terrible with sound. I was hoping to experiment with SDL on this project to fix that, but no time. I'll see what I can do on the next one!

Thanks for the bug report!


If you're on Windows, download the file, unzip it, then change to the harmony_2019XXXX directory and double click on "harmony_2019XXXX.exe" (XXXX is for the date and time of the build, which I can't remember right now...).

If you're on Linux or Mac, you'll need to download the, unzip. Then download Dr. Racket Scheme for your platform from Then start Dr. Racket, the File -> Load "harmony.rkt" and "Run" (button on the right top of the IDE window).

Hope that helps! Thanks very much for taking a look!

OK! @mfiano was able to reinstate it after I added also a source archive in the download links.

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OK... If that's the deal, then no problem. I have now attached to my game page.

@mfiano, if this is the problem, can you please reinstate my entry?

If it's not, then please do let me know what's missing because as far as I can tell, I am otherwise completely in compliance with rules as stated. Thanks!


I submitted my game "Harmony" to the Jam just before the deadline last night and I saw it on the submissions page. However, it doesn't seem to show up anymore. Game here:, source code here:

Was there something wrong?


Too many things going on, but finally got something rendering...

Thanks for making a go of it! Will try again after the contest closes. Meanwhile, I rated it based on what I could see, which was still very impressive!

Hi! Downloaded the Windows version 0.2.2, but it seems the same as the other.

Also tried copying the fonts into the Fallen-win32 directory (yes, I know they should be packaged in fallen.exe), but that didn't work either.

Wasn't able to get the requirements going with Chicken on Windows 7, 64.

Nertz. That didn't do it. I installed Avera.otf and Inconsolata.otf, but it didn't find them for your text. I wonder if I just have too many fonts on this computer.

And yes, it's the same computer from last time. I do graphic design on it so it has over 300 fonts, which might be more than Love2D is willing to search through? There's a note somewhere about older graphics cards not handling But while my graphics card isn't state of the art, it shouldn't be /that/ old...

It certainly looks very nice! 

Hmmm. The .love file has some otf's. Will try installing to my font folder...

I tried the .love file as you suggested. Same thing.

What font /are/ you using? I don't immediately recognize it from the screenshots.

Can you run off a version that uses... Ariel or something so I can try that?


Just trying to get another entry to run... I'll install the latest version of Love2D and see if that sorts it with the .love file as you suggest. Thanks! Sorry to be a bother!

Unfortunately, this is as far as it goes... Hope this is helpful! Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Hi! Got it playing, but no text is displaying. So that's probably why I had to be told about the  escape key...

I take it that text should appear in the speech balloons above the character's heads? ; - )

Hi! Will try that when I get home tonight. Looks intriguing and I want to try it out!

Will try when I get back home. Looks very nice and I want to try it! Thanks!

Would be good to have play instructions in the game itself. Liked the soundtrack!