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If you're on Windows, download the file, unzip it, then change to the harmony_2019XXXX directory and double click on "harmony_2019XXXX.exe" (XXXX is for the date and time of the build, which I can't remember right now...).

If you're on Linux or Mac, you'll need to download the, unzip. Then download Dr. Racket Scheme for your platform from Then start Dr. Racket, the File -> Load "harmony.rkt" and "Run" (button on the right top of the IDE window).

Hope that helps! Thanks very much for taking a look!

OK! @mfiano was able to reinstate it after I added also a source archive in the download links.

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OK... If that's the deal, then no problem. I have now attached to my game page.

@mfiano, if this is the problem, can you please reinstate my entry?

If it's not, then please do let me know what's missing because as far as I can tell, I am otherwise completely in compliance with rules as stated. Thanks!


I submitted my game "Harmony" to the Jam just before the deadline last night and I saw it on the submissions page. However, it doesn't seem to show up anymore. Game here:, source code here:

Was there something wrong?


Too many things going on, but finally got something rendering...

Thanks for making a go of it! Will try again after the contest closes. Meanwhile, I rated it based on what I could see, which was still very impressive!

Hi! Downloaded the Windows version 0.2.2, but it seems the same as the other.

Also tried copying the fonts into the Fallen-win32 directory (yes, I know they should be packaged in fallen.exe), but that didn't work either.

Wasn't able to get the requirements going with Chicken on Windows 7, 64.

Nertz. That didn't do it. I installed Avera.otf and Inconsolata.otf, but it didn't find them for your text. I wonder if I just have too many fonts on this computer.

And yes, it's the same computer from last time. I do graphic design on it so it has over 300 fonts, which might be more than Love2D is willing to search through? There's a note somewhere about older graphics cards not handling But while my graphics card isn't state of the art, it shouldn't be /that/ old...

It certainly looks very nice! 

Hmmm. The .love file has some otf's. Will try installing to my font folder...

I tried the .love file as you suggested. Same thing.

What font /are/ you using? I don't immediately recognize it from the screenshots.

Can you run off a version that uses... Ariel or something so I can try that?


Just trying to get another entry to run... I'll install the latest version of Love2D and see if that sorts it with the .love file as you suggest. Thanks! Sorry to be a bother!

Unfortunately, this is as far as it goes... Hope this is helpful! Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Hi! Got it playing, but no text is displaying. So that's probably why I had to be told about the  escape key...

I take it that text should appear in the speech balloons above the character's heads? ; - )

Hi! Will try that when I get home tonight. Looks intriguing and I want to try it out!

Will try when I get back home. Looks very nice and I want to try it! Thanks!

Would be good to have play instructions in the game itself. Liked the soundtrack!

Title screen displays with flapping fallen angel, but doesn't advance to anything else. Windows 7, 64 bit. Thanks!

Very nice to have sound. Also great that you kept track of how I got killed. Might be nice if you offered more than one life -- just as I'm getting into it, I'm dead and I have to navigate the title screen to play again.

Also might be nice to offer WASD keyboard controls -- current layout is a bit spread out, although it does give the feeling of trying to deal with with the controls on old-time Defender.

On Windows 7, 64 bit. Game seems to get stuck with green window at startup. According to Process Explorer, it's doing something, but it's not showing up on screen. Hope you can get it working, this one looks interesting!

Liked the different powers for different colours. Sound would be really welcome here!

Like all the commands and the "note-taking" mode. Also very happy that I can still play it over telnet even though I don't have the racy red hardware pictured!

Appreciate the link for playing online with the site!

Would be nice if the field was a bit smaller for the first level -- you spend a lot of time getting the dog out to the farthest sheep. Also would be helpful if main loop was a function that could be restarted if the player made bad keyboard input... An interesting combination of Robotron and Sokoban, but perfectly peaceful!

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I tried making a Macintosh compile, but it seems to fail because the sprite sheet isn't included. Does anybody have any experience with Dr. Racket on Mac? ; - )

Game is now fully playable! Scoring and everything! Have fun and tell me what you think!

Hi! Thanks for checking it out! After the judging is done, I am hoping to post a new version that will actually compute the slime flow properly so the "hardcoded" pipes shouldn't be a problem. It should also do a better job of resetting between levels...

No, the other LOVE entries seem to be giving me text/font trouble as well. I can run the LOVE executable by itself and get the "NO GAME" message, which I presume is using fonts, but it doesn't work with actual games.

I just tried a Visual Novel(ette) that I wrote with Lua a while back. It's using completely bog standard fonts, but it's not showing any text with LOVE 11.2 either. LOVE 10.2 works fine, font-wise, but won't run any of your cool modern games. : ( So this is definitely the fault of my setup. I will try to either fix or get another computer so I can test things properly before the deadline.


The common factor may be LOVE... I should try to put together something simple that just displays text. Maybe that will pinpoint it.

I have had text/font problems with another LOVE-based entry, so that seems to be the common factor. I don't know why it is having the problem -- my LOVE projects work OK... Maybe something about my machine. Will try on another one if I get a chance. Thanks for suggesting the workaround!

I tried both. Thanks for looking. I can see the white lines that appear around the menu entries, and move those around, but the text is either missing or the same colour as the background. 

Thanks for checking!

Right, that's how I see it.

A "secret ingredient" keeps a contest fairer so that contestants can't prepare "too much" ahead of time. But there's a difference between throwing some asparagus on top at the end or making it integral to the dish, and a category for that could recognize that.



It's probably a bit late for this now, but maybe for future Jams with a "secret ingredient" -- one of the ratings should be how well the submission expressed the secret ingredient. That was one of the judging categories of the old Japanese "Iron Chef" TV show and it would work well for this situation too.

Just a thought...

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Note: Windows version may be missing a font file -- none of the text shows up.

Windows 7, LOVE2D 11.1

Nice treatments on the backgrounds! Collision map is also interesting technique.

Like the mouse-look.

Nice artwork!

Very atmospheric! Some hints on the objectives would be nice.

Note music didn't play on Win 7. Thanks!

Breakout section kept resetting bricks on lost ball so I wasn't able to get past that. Note long start up time on Windows 7 for whatever reason.

Dynamic camera and ship physics are nice! Also like the particle system and stars.