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Still messed up :<  You're on 26.1, right? I should probably look into this and see if it's an issue on my part (this week is going to be mostly studying for exams, but I can probably make some time this weekend to play around with it)

Yeah, definitely says something about the simplicity of Fennel, but also the quality of the documentation. I love how short is

Those changes seem to fix the alignment, but only if `lisp-indent-offset` is nil. This might be more of an Emacs question than a fennel-mode question, but is there a way to get it to indent with two spaces? `lisp-mode` will indent with two spaces for me, but this new version of `fennel-mode` indents with four.

If anyone's interested, I put out a short postmortem on my game that you can read here.

Thanks for the bug report, I appreciate it. Sadly, I don't have Windows and therefore won't be able to reproduce it. The jumping around is the really short "demo" I put together for the main menu, so it shouldn't be responding to key presses. You might be able to click where the play button should be? I'm sorry that this makes the game essentially unplayable :<

I dig the black and white sprites and CRT emulation! I get that it's supposed to be more of a retro feeling, but the CRT emulation also gives me the sense that I'm watching someone's escape through a set of security cameras. And I love the way that the slimes slowly come up to the player, almost like they're just curious

When I saw that the theme this year was slime, this was the exact kind of entry I was hoping to see :)  The bloblike slime physics works really well for a stealth game

This one gets my vote for #1, excellent work! I dig the story, and the name generation and the comments that the characters make gives it a lot of charm.

Thanks for the feedback! Heh, yeah, that is a tricky spot. Did you figure out that you can spit upwards if you hold the up key? You'd need to hop off the wall to get high enough to do that though

Thanks! Are you using the newer rewrite of love-release in Lua? I downloaded the love-release script that was linked in the Makefile, but couldn't get it to work