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Postmortem Blog Post

A topic by Jakob created Nov 02, 2018 Views: 79 Replies: 4
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If anyone's interested, I put out a short postmortem on my game that you can read here.


I love reading that you'd never used Fennel before the jam; that's so cool that you could pick it up quickly and still finish your game with 2 days to spare.

I pushed some changes to fennel-mode to get rid of byte-compiler errors; can you let me know if that fixes the indentation problems you were seeing?

I think it was missing an explicit require of lisp-mode?


Yeah, definitely says something about the simplicity of Fennel, but also the quality of the documentation. I love how short is

Those changes seem to fix the alignment, but only if `lisp-indent-offset` is nil. This might be more of an Emacs question than a fennel-mode question, but is there a way to get it to indent with two spaces? `lisp-mode` will indent with two spaces for me, but this new version of `fennel-mode` indents with four.


I realized my fix to imenu broke indentation, so maybe try pulling again. I don't have lisp-indent-offset set to anything; in fact doing so breaks the indentation further.


Still messed up :<  You're on 26.1, right? I should probably look into this and see if it's an issue on my part (this week is going to be mostly studying for exams, but I can probably make some time this weekend to play around with it)