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Kooda Loutre

A member registered Oct 19, 2015 · View creator page →


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Posted in Welcome

Hi there!

I’ll be doing this jam with CHICKEN scheme, as always. ^^

I have no idea what I’m going to make, but I want low resolution graphics and procedural lo-fi sounds.

Have fun everyone!


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Hey fellow itchy people!

I released my first real game project on the website.

You can check it out at: http://kooda.itch.io/cphys2015

It has been a fun experience, I hope you will enjoy playing this little thing!

Here is a little gameplay video (I couldn't embed it on the post for some reason):

Whow, nice job, I love it!

Congratulation, you made me cry. :Þ

It reminds me a lot of Proteus, it has a similar feeling to it. Thanks a lot for this. :D

Posted in Introductions

Hi there!

I’m Kooda, I’m french. I like making games and stuff just because I can. :Þ

For this jam I’ll be using CHICKEN Scheme and John Croisant’s SDL2 bindings since I used it a lot lately.

I enjoy functional and logic programming as well as procedurally generated content.

It’s the first jam I’ll be doing with Lisp so let’s see if I can make something!