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I’m on the Fediverse (Mastodon) as well:

Not these days no, but I plan on resuming this when I’m done with other projects. :)

Congratulation for the android release!

The image is displayed very poorly on my tablet, as if it was upscaled a *lot*.

Also the score is reset if the app is put in the background!

I like how the slime deforms. It would have been nice to have a bit more visual clues about the speed and direction of the movement. :)

Very nice work! I love the little details!

The text disapears a bit too fast and the slime would sometimes stick on itself, but other than that it was nice! :)

I would love to see more levels!

Also… I managed to fail the first level (adding an elbow pipe instead of a straight one) and the level doesn’t reset so I’m stuck in a loop of losing over and over… ^^'

Love the movement and camera. :D

Runner3 community · Created a new topic Little bug
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Thanks a lot for the really great game! I’m enjoying it slowly but surely. :3

I’ve just started playing in world three and found one little bug that’s quite major I think:

In level 3-3 Earth Lurched, an enemy is missing on the three falling gears, but its hitbox is there! So that makes it invisible!

There are a few other similar bugs, like knights (or other decor) not going back to their original position after a bonk. 

Thanks again, have a great day! ♥

build.version file: 2018.5.21_21:56:57
Settings -> build: 0123456

Project Harvest community · Created a new topic Feedback :3

Hi! I just played a few games with my boyfriend and here’s what we thought during the game:

  • first we had a bit of a hard time getting the controls right, we don’t have a keypad on our keyboards, and also we are not using the QWERTY layout, so I had ultimately had to fetch two controllers to play
  • sometimes, hitting with the stick doesn’t work, the other player walks right through
  • it happened a few times that the bees did not appear
  • points are only registered at the very end of the depositing animation, which leads to frustrating defeats when the timer is near the end and you rush to the stand but the timer ends before the animation ends.

I hope this is useful to you! Have fun developing this! ♥

I’m glad you liked it, and glad it reminded you of Rhythm Heaven, that was my goal! :D

Thanks a lot for your review! ♥

Thanks a lot for your input!

That was originally planned, but lacked the time… (as you could also see from the poorly made initial release)

Phiew! Sorry about all that. It should be good now!

Could you try the new version I just uploaded please? It should fix the issue… I hope.

I just updated the archive, could you download it and try it out? I hope this fixes your issue.

I assume you are using the linux version… could you run the program like so:


and paste the output here?

There is now a Windows version! In case it didn’t work out. :)

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Oh! Sorry about that.

You should just have to extract the archive somewhere, and double click on the “strawberry” file in there. But it might just be that it’s not working on your computer… this game is very badly made.

Also, I just fixed a few things, you might want to download it again.

Hi there!

I’ll be doing this jam with CHICKEN scheme, as always. ^^

I have no idea what I’m going to make, but I want low resolution graphics and procedural lo-fi sounds.

Have fun everyone!


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Hey fellow itchy people!

I released my first real game project on the website.

You can check it out at:

It has been a fun experience, I hope you will enjoy playing this little thing!

Here is a little gameplay video (I couldn't embed it on the post for some reason):

Whow, nice job, I love it!

Congratulation, you made me cry. :Þ

It reminds me a lot of Proteus, it has a similar feeling to it. Thanks a lot for this. :D

Hi there!

I’m Kooda, I’m french. I like making games and stuff just because I can. :Þ

For this jam I’ll be using CHICKEN Scheme and John Croisant’s SDL2 bindings since I used it a lot lately.

I enjoy functional and logic programming as well as procedurally generated content.

It’s the first jam I’ll be doing with Lisp so let’s see if I can make something!