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Confiture de fraisesView game page

Horny rhythm game
Submitted by Kooda Loutre — 2 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Awesome game!  It reminds me a little of Rhythm Heaven for Nintendo DS and GBA, and that is a great thing :)  I would love to see how games like these are developed.


I’m glad you liked it, and glad it reminded you of Rhythm Heaven, that was my goal! :D


I like the idea of it. I tried playing this without sound the first time and was a bit confused on what to do xD but I was able to figure things out when I turned the sound up. I agree with Polycement though as an indication of when you're supposed to start would be really helpful. Good job!


Thanks a lot for your review! ♥

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

i like the music, it'd be nice if there was some indication of when it's the player's turn though, especially since not all patterns are the same length - i keep finding myself starting too early or too late


Thanks a lot for your input!

That was originally planned, but lacked the time… (as you could also see from the poorly made initial release)


Doesn't run for me, sadly. It claims that it can't find for some reason - no idea why because the file is right there :s


I assume you are using the linux version… could you run the program like so:


and paste the output here?


i'm having the same problem attempting to run this on arch linux. here's the output when running the command you gave from inside the "strawberry" directory:

[debug] application startup...
[debug] heap resized to 1048576 bytes
[debug] stack bottom is 0x7ffe1170f5d0.
[debug] entering toplevel toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel library_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel build_2dversion_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel eval_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel expand_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel modules_toplevel...
[debug] resizing mutation stack from 8k to 16k ...
[debug] entering toplevel chicken_2dsyntax_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel srfi_2d4_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel extras_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel data_2dstructures_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel posix_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel scheduler_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel irregex_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel files_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel ports_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel lolevel_toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel srfi_2d69_toplevel...
; loading /home/freya/games/confiture_de_fraises/strawberry/ ...
[debug] loading compiled module `/home/freya/games/confiture_de_fraises/strawberry/' (handle is 0x00005625cd744930)
[debug] entering toplevel toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel srfi_2d1_toplevel...
; loading /home/freya/games/confiture_de_fraises/strawberry/ ...
[debug] loading compiled module `/home/freya/games/confiture_de_fraises/strawberry/' (handle is 0x00005625cd746560)
[debug] entering toplevel toplevel...
[debug] entering toplevel srfi_2d18_toplevel...
; loading /home/freya/games/confiture_de_fraises/strawberry/ ... Error: (load) unable to load compiled module - cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory: "/home/freya/games/confiture_de_fraises/strawberry/"

Could you try the new version I just uploaded please? It should fix the issue… I hope.


the new version works great, thanks


I don't even get that long stacktrace - just the error:

Error: (load) unable to load compiled module - cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory: "/home/ssharma/Documents/nsfw/Games/Strawberry Jam 2/strawberry/"

I just updated the archive, could you download it and try it out? I hope this fixes your issue.


So this worked, but it's now saying that it can't find because it can't find (same error message, just replace the old so filenames with these ones). Could you try doing the same thing to all of the other libs in the directory?


Phiew! Sorry about all that. It should be good now!


I enjoyed that. Definitely worth the wait ^^


Forgive me, but I am terrible with Linux and have no idea how to even run this.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Oh! Sorry about that.

You should just have to extract the archive somewhere, and double click on the “strawberry” file in there. But it might just be that it’s not working on your computer… this game is very badly made.

Also, I just fixed a few things, you might want to download it again.


I'll give it another shot when I get home tonight. Might have to do some system updates -- I only have Linux on my laptop, which I don't use very often.


There is now a Windows version! In case it didn’t work out. :)



I'm terrible at it, but it's very cute