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This is dope

Excellent concept and fun

Thanks for the feedback :) I should be adding an in-game tutorial soon.

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I really like strategy games like this.  At first I though it was some type of tower defense type game, but then I read the instructions :)  I love the music as well...very relaxing.  Great job!

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Sorry, I was pretty tired when submitting it and neglected to add instructions and such.  The premise is pretty simple but not obvious...the player is in factory in the sky working on an assembly line  The goal is to basically hit the cube when it's directly over the square (I was going to add  another shape to "assemble" it to, but ran out of time).  If you hit the cube outside of the square, the fog increases slightly making it harder to see the next cube coming.  The cube also speeds up after each cycle, whether or not the player hits it.  

I noticed that it's a bit too difficult though, so I'll be updating it shortly to fix that, to add some zoom limitations on the camera, and to remove that default cloud texture that I was using as a placeholder.   Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks!  Yes I played that specifically for this jam :)  I'll update the page shortly to add instructions

Thanks for your feedback :)

Very fun and original...I was actually happy to make it to the hole :)  I had an issue continuing at the end of the first hole because the game kept control of the mouse and I had to kill it.  You may want to manually turn off mouse grab at the end of every hole.  I had a similar problem w/ a game that I was making ;)  Other than that, great game!

Very fun...couldn't stop punching people untill we landed :)

Great graphics and gameplay!  It would be even better with WASD keybindings :)

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Here is a bit of the gameplay :)

Hey...I uploaded a post-jam update, so give it a try again if you want!  Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback!  I overestimated my Godot and Blender skills, and I am a bit of a procrastinator,  so I started working on this game about 6 hours before the Jam deadline.   I still submitted though, because I must participate in every LinuxGameJam :)

I will be releasing a post-jam update tonight though, and there will definitely be a big increase in gameplay :)


Awesome :)

Very cool!

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Nevermind...just read your reply on the problem w/ your custom shader.  Edit: perhaps you can release the shader source an some of us can try to fix it?

Can we get a linux release??

Awesome game!  It reminds me a little of Rhythm Heaven for Nintendo DS and GBA, and that is a great thing :)  I would love to see how games like these are developed.

Cool game, and very interesting story.

Reading the manual is a must...very creative game!

Same here

It's funny that you said that...I actually made part one using LÖVE last year :)


Thanks for the comment :)  I personally wouldn't rate this very high on the horny scale, but the general idea was the leave much up to the player's interpretation.  Perhaps listening to relaxing music while floating in space and collecting hearts gets someone off??  ;)

Ah ok.  It looks like the only feasible cross-platorm binaries that Coppuercube exports to is HTML (WebGL), so I will try Wine.  Thanks!

Cool idea...reminds me of Jet Force Gemini, which was probably my favorite game on the N64.  I would love to see a Linux release as well :)

Thanks Jupiter!

Thanks! I plan on adding audio and implementing more gameplay shortly. Thanks for the feedback ☺

Forgot to enable the downloads!  They should work now :)

Good job...the music is so simple and cute :)

@Jupiter Thanks!

@Jupiter Thanks!

Much respect for using C :) It needs a bit of work, but I'm sure that using C added a bit of difficulty in getting this finished in time. BTW, your usage of imgui looks pretty cool

Great game! I love the retro RPG style. What framework / language did you use to create this?...if you don't mind me asking :)

@MLB thanks :)

@Vladar and @kentarospin98 if you're having issues running the game on Linux via the itch app, try uninstalling, and the installing again. The itch app seems to have had issues updating to the latest binary. If that doesn't work, just download Primitive-x86_64.AppImage from here, and make it executable as such:

  • chmod +x Primitive-x86_64.AppImage

Then run it:

  • ./Primitive-x86_64.AppImage

Please let me know if you have any problems!

@everard99 Thanks!

@eevee There's a lot to be improved, but thanks! The artwork and music for this game was first take, so it took me about 30 minutes to finish that. Most of the time was spent learning Lua and LÖVE. I am actually a big fan of LÖVE now, so I will probably be using that in other jams in the future :)

You're 100% correct about the enemy ships, as the arrangement is random. It could probably be solved by checking the position of other ships before spawning, as well as staggering the rate at which they spawn a bit more.

@Krinn I added binaries for Linux, OSX, and windows. I've only tested in Linux though, so let me know how it works for you :) BTW, the itch desktop app seems to have some trouble updating to the new files, so try getting them directly from here