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Introductions Sticky

A topic by dto created Dec 10, 2015 Views: 857 Replies: 24
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Tell us a little something about yourself!

Hi, my name is Chris.

I discovered Lisp after I learning in Haskell, and started reading Practical Common Lisp by Peter Seibel and fell in love with the idea of building my own little languages for every new problem.

I've been playing around with making games ever since I was really young. My brother and I would make Doom-style games with a 3d game editor called GCS.

For awhile I was working on "Reconstructing Cave Story" over on youtube, but I took an extended (permanent?) break from it because I was doing C++ wrong and I got exhausted from it. I usually point people to Handmade Hero, because it's very very good.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the jam! Should be fun! I'll probably use my own SDL2 FFI library, because I remember having problems with not having control over the event loop in LISPBUILDER's SDL2.


Thanks for joining, Chris :) There is a new CL-SDL2 in development, and it seems to cover all the side libs such as SDL-MIXER and SDL-IMAGE. I haven't used it yet, but you may want to take a look around, it may save some work. Ok, have fun! and keep the group posted.

Oh that will be good! Yeah at the time I made my SDL layer I brand new to C.L., so I thought it would be a good exercise in writing some macros. Turns out, it really was!

Hi! I'm Eric Bergstrome. I live in Ottawa, Canada. I participated in the International Lisp Games Expo back in 2010 and had a great time. So I'm back for more!

Check out my website to see some of my past hacks including Lisp game jam entries: norstrulde


Welcome back Eric :) i will check out the website



my name is Alexander Shendi. I live in Asperg, a small town in the southwest of Germany. I like to dabble in Scheme. I still have have no idea what I'll submit, probably something using the HTML5 canvas and scheme2js.

Anyway the Jam should be fun, even if I do not succeed!

Happy hacking,



Hello Alexander! the Scheme2js approach sounds interesting. Would you consider sharing some links to resources/libraries you might use? I could add such information to the Jam page's Resources section, and it might be helpful to others using Scheme.

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The latest standalone version of scheme2js (from 2011) can be found at:

(source code, precompiled jar archive, and man page and links to several papers).

A demo (a simple raycaster) is at:

Source code can be found at:

Other options using the Scheme->Javascript route are:

I hope this helps. Feel free to use some or all of this info.

Best Regards



added your links, with acknowledgement :)

Hi all,

I have deceided not to enter the game jam. My code is not in a state that I will produce anything that remotely resembles a game in the next 4+7 days.

Good luck for the remaining participants.

-- Alexander


Hi Alexander, no worries, perhaps we'll have another one in February :)

I hope you can stick around and play/discuss some of the other users projects, if you have time.


Hello everyone and thanks for joining :)

I am David O'Toole and I have developed some free games in Common Lisp. I am based in Massachusetts, USA!


Hello! My name is John Croisant. I live in Illinois, USA. I am the maintainer of the CHICKEN Scheme bindings for SDL2. I have participated in a few game jams in the past using Python and Ruby, but this will be my first jam using a Lisp dialect. :)

I will be using this jam as a reason to create another example game for the bindings. I will also try to hang out in the IRC channel (my handle is "jacius") during the jam in case people have questions about using the bindings, CHICKEN Scheme, or SDL in general.


Excellent! Welcome to the jam :)

Hi there!

I’m Kooda, I’m french. I like making games and stuff just because I can. :Þ

For this jam I’ll be using CHICKEN Scheme and John Croisant’s SDL2 bindings since I used it a lot lately.

I enjoy functional and logic programming as well as procedurally generated content.

It’s the first jam I’ll be doing with Lisp so let’s see if I can make something!


Hi again Kooda, thanks for being a part of the community :)



I'm Christopher Carpenter (mordocai pretty much everywhere check

I started playing with Common Lisp, switched to Clojure, and am now back to Common Lisp. I'm working on a roguelike with some pretty high ambitions long term (it'll morph to be more than a roguelike if all goes as planned) when I have the motivation but otherwise am mainly just working (Ruby/Javascript at work).

If I manage to finish a game for this jam it'll be my first ever fully implemented game in general as well as my first fully complete common lisp program. Both big milestones!


Hello and welcome :)

Jam Host

Hey everyone, I'm David Thompson. I have been working on a game engine written in Guile Scheme for the past couple of years called Sly, and I'm hoping that I can use this jam to develop my first real game using it. I'd like to create a vertical scrolling, bullet hell style shoot-em-up game during the jam.


Hi Dave :) Looking forward to seeing the bullets :)

Hey, I'm Jacob MacDonald! I'm a novice Lisp programmer and student, and I'll also be travelling for the first couple of days of the jam, so my expectations are super low. That said, I'm way more excited than I am pessimistic. This should be a great learning experience regardless of my individual outcome.


Welcome to the Jam! :) And welcome to the wild world of Lisp. It's quite acceptable to finish a little bit late, especially if other obligations eat some of your Jam time. The idea is to learn, share what you've learned, challenge yourself and create something interesting! Keep the group posted about your efforts, and come to #lispgames on freenode IRC

Hey, I'm Dan.

I've been playing with Clojure for the last few months, but yet to tackle a proper project with it. I'm currently backpacking in Sri Lanka, but I'll be firing up Vim, a REPL and some flaky 3G to collaborate with my friend Joe (in the UK) to make our first Clojurescript game. Who knows how it will turn out!

Good luck everyone!


Sounds wonderful! Welcome to the Jam, Dan and Joe.