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OK, I'm stupid. The gamefile is located under "resources/app/anchorhead/Anchorhead.gblorb". It works now with gargoyle.

Dear community, dear Michael Gentry,

first off I'm a huge fan of the original (1998) Anchorhead. So I was thrilled to learn (somewhat belatedly) that an illustrated  version was available and purchased it on With somewhat inappropriate juvenile optimism I thought that the zip-archive would contain a story file, bundeled with glulxe. To my disappointment the archive contained the following:

  • A large , statically linked, "Anchorhead" executable
  • Several shared libraries
  • fonts and other game resources
  •  several *blob.bin files

I had intended to run Anchorhead on my Chromebook Tab 10 tablet in the Debian Linux container by compiling my own version of glulxe or run an interpreter like zoom or gargoyle from  Debian packages. 

Is there any way to still do this? If so, I would be grateful for help. Maybe an architecture neutral distribution like "Hadean Lands" has would be a good option.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi all,

I have deceided not to enter the game jam. My code is not in a state that I will produce anything that remotely resembles a game in the next 4+7 days.

Good luck for the remaining participants.

-- Alexander

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The latest standalone version of scheme2js (from 2011) can be found at:

(source code, precompiled jar archive, and man page and links to several papers).

A demo (a simple raycaster) is at:

Source code can be found at:

Other options using the Scheme->Javascript route are:

I hope this helps. Feel free to use some or all of this info.

Best Regards



my name is Alexander Shendi. I live in Asperg, a small town in the southwest of Germany. I like to dabble in Scheme. I still have have no idea what I'll submit, probably something using the HTML5 canvas and scheme2js.

Anyway the Jam should be fun, even if I do not succeed!

Happy hacking,