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I'm working on crypts and corpses here https://gitlab.com/mordocai/crypts-and-corpses. The idea is to be a roguelike where you play a necromancer. I attend to work on this more post jam one way or another, but hope to get basic gameplay with minion summoning in before the end of it. Not going to be pretty screenshots to show off really due to the text based nature, but I might be able to put some gameplay gifs together when it is further along.


I'm Christopher Carpenter (mordocai pretty much everywhere check https://keybase.io/mordocai).

I started playing with Common Lisp, switched to Clojure, and am now back to Common Lisp. I'm working on a roguelike with some pretty high ambitions long term (it'll morph to be more than a roguelike if all goes as planned) when I have the motivation but otherwise am mainly just working (Ruby/Javascript at work).

If I manage to finish a game for this jam it'll be my first ever fully implemented game in general as well as my first fully complete common lisp program. Both big milestones!