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Welcome Sticky

A topic by mfiano created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 686 Replies: 19
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Welcome, and thanks for participating in the bi-annual Lisp Game Jam! To get an idea of who everyone is, and their game ideas for this installment, we ask that you take a moment to introduce yourself and explain your great idea in this thread. Good luck, and we can't wait to see your entries!

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Hello! I'll be making some sort of GUI game where you have to defeat windows and buttons and resize your enemies and such, or shoot letters at them. It's to demo my newly-ported GUI code and make something fun with it.



You (probably) have seen me around #lispgames, and some other places around the net. I figured I'd join the jam and try and put together a simpleish point-and-click game using the engine I just perpetrated to that effect. The goal is to show how something simple can still be made in these days when complexity seems to creep into everything.


Hi I'll try making a game in which the world is experienced through controller haptic feedback.


I'm excited to see where the next ten days will lead me. I'm going to be sticking to my tried and true, ClojureScript and InfiniteLives libraries to make a HTML5 browser game.



I'm going to make a simple text-based grand strategy style game, similar to Crusader Kings II. It will be my second lisp project, although the first one I finish, and written in Scheme.


hello! excited to see what everybody builds.

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I will build a game for the browser using a framework I've built powered by biwascheme and snabbdom (It looks like Om but it's better). It's a point and click game in the spirit of SimCity and Civilization. It will be a game about space exploration and economy building.

I mostly a web developper. My favorite games are Civizilization 1, Simcity 3000, Diablo 3 and Magical Drop. I also pretty much like any shoot them up. I am not an hard core gamer tho. I never played board games.

hi i am looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

are you thinking about procedural generation of terrain features?

Yes, I think about it but it's not a priority.


Hi there!

I’ll be doing this jam with CHICKEN scheme, as always. ^^

I have no idea what I’m going to make, but I want low resolution graphics and procedural lo-fi sounds.

Have fun everyone!



I will be making a little roguelike with guile and ncurses. I have some funky ideas for magic system which I want to try.

I look forward to playing all the other entries :D



I'm working on a message-passing style of functional object-oriented programming in Common Lisp. I will use it in conjunction with an SDL wrapper I wrote to make some kind of programming-based puzzle game (like SpaceChem probably). I'm not too fast at programming so it will probably end up looking like a clone.



I've planned networking for the engine I'm working on, so I gonna explore that part in the game I'm making for this Jam. Supposedly, it should be simple multiplayer 3D FPS, but we will see how things turn out in the end :)

Good luck and lets have fun!


Hi all,

I've actually never used Lisp before so joining this jam is an excuse for me to learn as much about it as I can in several days. Obviously I'll be making something absurdly simple, probably a text-based adventure game of some sort. It's a bit weird to say but I fully expect learning some new tools to inspire me creatively.


Hi there,

Not sure yet what I'll be writing. I have two small game ideas, I'll decide over weekend and start writing next week :).


Hey everyone! I have been working on a custom Clojurescript engine for the past couple of months and excited to try and get a prototype working with it out for this jam.

I had an idea for a game set in a moonlit forest, where the player must pursue a wolf pack on the hunt, and hoping to experiment with some simple mechanics and aesthetics.

I had a late start to this jam, but I was able to finish and debug collision detection tonight, and eager to crunch for the rest!

Welcome to the jam! looking forward to the results. Swing by #lispgames on freenode IRC if you can :)


Hi I am a composer d sound designer willing to help!!

Does anyone want to team up with men??



I wasn't even close to finishing this, but wanted to submit my progress so far anyways.

...some difficulties getting it deployed after crunching until the very last minute caused me to miss the deadline, but I still published what I have so far:

Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to the next one.