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It looks great; good job on utilizing ANSI escape sequences.

Makes me actually wish the underlined names were clickable :).

Well done and very fun to play. Nice idea with the ball mode.

Even though there's no dying implemented, it's still very fun to play on multiplayer. Great physics.

I uploaded a Win64 binary.

@Druid of Lûhn, is that CCL or SBCL you're using? I have no MacOS to test it, but I see potential strategies for a quickfix here:

  • Try and launch in on CCL
  • On SBCL, run it with: (sdl2:make-this-thread-main #'ljgame:run)
@retrogradeorbit, what OS? I'll try to make a binary pack soon.
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I tried it out on a Win10 laptop. Mostly works great, but I got one problem when loading larger textures - cl-opengl is not prepared to work correctly with 64bit Windows / SBCL. I described the issue and my hotfix here:

After applying that, I've managed to successfully deploy a Windows binary using SBCL bundled with Portacle.

This is how my game looked until just two days ago:

Hi there,

Not sure yet what I'll be writing. I have two small game ideas, I'll decide over weekend and start writing next week :).