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A topic by chr15m created Apr 15, 2017 Views: 1,381 Replies: 21
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a place where anybody can post progress screenshots.

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this may well be as far as i'm going to get this week. :)


very nice! the sky gradient and especially the little drop shadow




Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

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Day 2 (graphics from free tile set on opengameart by Buch )


Just FOV and not much more

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Backgrounds look kinda crappy but this is an initial rendering test. Note the jumpy rendering is an artifact of capture, it's smooth "for real". Anyone got a better capture method than x11grab with virtualgl?

Now with static physics fixtures and physics overlay:


I found quite useful for creating short demo gifs.

i like Simplescreenrecorder for linux. it can do 720p 60fps. If you record to webm you can then use to get a nice gif.

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Animation blending (chilling/running/strafing)

0.15s overlap

3.0s overlap

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Re-booted my game half way through the jam *facepalm*.

Started with the rotjs tutorial implemented in ClojureScript.

Just barely playable with player, NPC, win/lose conditions, and some items you can look at.

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Basic physics/controls/etc working; sprite animations and some more stuff for levels next.

Updated: Now with sprite animations.


this looks amazing! can't wait to play it.


Physics test:

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

Enemies and stuff. No game lifecycle yet, should be the final step before I can actually work on making levels and stuff. :P

edit: Fixed parallax :P


Game code mostly done. Need levels now, and binary builds.

this is how far i got but missed submission unfortunately! will finish it at


This is how my game looked until just two days ago: