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This is great :)

Coool. Style and unique gameplay reminds me of something by Santa Monica Studio!

Looks like an error setting the version though (see frame 4); make sure your glxinfo shows 4.5 and/or you haven't updated nvidia drivers and not restarted Xorg or something? This is a common problem with me when using nvidia drivers. For AMD/Intel, not sure. I'm not sure it's possible to support 4.5 and not support 3.3, but maybe.

Does your display support GL 3.3? The undefined alien thing is a red herring (functions being defined before the library is dlopened), but the RC error is new ... is there a backtrace? Unsupported GL is the only thing that comes to mind.

Game code mostly done. Need levels now, and binary builds.

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Enemies and stuff. No game lifecycle yet, should be the final step before I can actually work on making levels and stuff. :P

edit: Fixed parallax :P

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Basic physics/controls/etc working; sprite animations and some more stuff for levels next.

Updated: Now with sprite animations.

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Backgrounds look kinda crappy but this is an initial rendering test. Note the jumpy rendering is an artifact of capture, it's smooth "for real". Anyone got a better capture method than x11grab with virtualgl?

Now with static physics fixtures and physics overlay:

You're trying to build from source? Make sure you have compiled and installed GameKernel, or at least put its somewhere SBCL can find. Don't forget to ldconfig as root. Note that the default installation is in /usr/local/lib, but not all distros have /usr/local/lib in /etc/ by default. The alternative is to just set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to where it's built/installed/etc before starting SBCL.

If you're trying to run the binary, try the latest (as of writing, 1.0e), wherein I've included all the C++ runtimes and made a startup script to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH automatically.