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Blanco: The Color of Adventure: Laboratory Tutorial DemoView game page

Play an early version of Blanco's tutorial world! (XBOX CONTROLLER REQUIRED)
Submitted by 51Pegasi Studios — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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Blanco: The Color of Adventure: Laboratory Tutorial Demo's page

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  • Game froze for a bit after reading the first sign post
  • There didn't seem to be any portions that explained the ground pound, wall jump, or even that I had a double jump. Only control explanation I found was for the high jump.
  • Respawning in the area with the purple ooze would put your camera out of bounds. It also put you back with only one health, but that might be intentional.

I was unable to clear the cubes leading up to that yellow gem, since they never seemed to give me enough height to reach the next plus they disabled my double jump. The graphical improvements are nice, but controls seem a bit harsher than the 2017 version on Steam.

Love the music, cute character and overall style!

Movement can be a little buggy especially on sills/ledges/steps (whatever you call it) and I needed some time to get used to it. First 100% playthrough took me about 25 minutes but I git gud and here's some speedrun! I think I could get 20 sec less if I try :D

But this is probably more important to you - found some bugs:


- Lack of support for Keyboard is just awful
= Works with DS4Windows and PS4 controller
+ Camera control is really nice
= Wall-sliding animation (so player knows if pressing jump would jump or wallside) would be nice
- Mouse not hidden, even though game has no mouse support
+ Being able to kill enemies by kicking them into eachother is great
- Weird collision in front of chair prevented me from jumping up from front. had to jump way up and then land directly on top of the seat
= On death into water, stopping camera above water surface and playing a splash anim would be nice

Overall it's really cute. Pretty fun just to run around and kick skeletons too. The art style seems cohesive and nothing really feels out of place, except that dev sign at the very start. Not sure if the chair bit is the end though might have missed something.

Sometimes when running against edges the character is unable to jump so you have to move back a bit and jump before the edge.

Movement overall feels very smooth. I really like the artstyle you're going with. Good job overall!


This guy has a lot of momentum! I like the physics, although I kept getting stuck at edges  (e.g. buttons, or the little ridges at the end of some surfaces). If you run into an edge, the collider glitches out for a bit and you can't jump out of it (presumably changing state back and forth from ground to air).

I couldn't get the hang of the rotating cube things either. Eventually I realized that you can press jump while inside them for an extra boost, but the hitbox is smaller than it appears, because sometimes I clipped through the corner without getting the boost. And there's an area at the top of the stream of monitors where you can fall through the surface into oblivion.

I would say the fundamentals are pretty good. It makes me want to run around the hub world to see how high his velocity can get.

Side note, the 8-bit sound effects felt somewhat out of place given the art style.