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that weird grappling game
Submitted by selfawaresaltshaker — 6 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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-put your shitty readmes next your .exes
-I'm not reading them either way

-I can't quite figure out how to open or when I close the info screen, making it unintuitive

-the shooting effect makes it seem like my gun is jammed
-the mouse-sphere staying on the ground is uncomfortable
-make running the default mode of transport
-not a fan of how the sticky the grappling is

Make surfing game instead pls.


I'm more of gamepad guy but I think that it's all in question of getting used to and since I've been playing only couple minutes, I couldn't really feel the length of a grappling hook and when I wanted to keep going on wall last grapple point was on the floor behind me and I was losing momentum. 

I've found no bugs (maybe one - when you are very high you can shoot grappling hook into air but it doesnt really do much, you fall normally)


I've got to rework the visuals of the grappling system so the line doesn't disappear when you cancel a reel-in. As for the grappling marker, I think I'll add in a HUD symbol telling you if your marker is fixed somewhere else. I do hope you were able to complete the races with decent times (I completely forgot to mention the racing system in the description/readme).

Thanks a ton for playing, DD23 version is going to be so much better and I look forward to putting it out there.

I do hope you were able to complete the races with decent times

Depends what's decent, race1: 10s, race2: 20s. 

I think that the fixed marker should not work or be deleted when you are facing completely different direction.